Occupy, Transform, Inform

I just got back from Brazil where I was able to see the Homeless World Cup take place in Rio de Janeiro. In the upcoming days, I will try to write some reflections of my experiences…….But, first I like to write on a couple of articles that I read from the LA TIMES…..

There are two articles that I am including below regarding how several cities in California have spent over 700 million dollars on housing funds without constructing any affordable housing between the year 2000 to 2008. This is just ridiculous. Many housing and homeless activist for so long have put pressure to construct more affordable housing to house the homeless and the working class. 700 million dollars can easily help hundreds of people who are currently homeless and provide them with a nice dignify place to live. This is not so much of a shocker considering that in a capitalist society, we are bound to see this trend spread out throughout the nation. Today is California and tomorrow will be New York. I won’t be surprise if more than half of the States are practicing this type of behavior. Welcome to the USA where profit values more than people. Money matters more than human dignity.

 It is because of these practices that we should occupy abandoned buildings and put them to good use. It should be a crime for any city to have people sleeping in the streets when there are abandoned buildings to house people. I have images of hundreds of people being fed up with their local government and taking over abandoned buildings and using them to live, demonstrating to the world that a group of people who use to live on the streets got together and were able to organize themselves into collectives and manage to transform an abandoned building into this collectively run apartment. Today may be just a random thought but tomorrow will be a reality. OCCUPY, TRANSFORM, INFORM.

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