Karma can be a snake or it can be a dove. It can bring you poison or it can bring you peace. This all depends on the actions that we take. Our actions sends ripples of effect, wether positive or negative. Our good deeds will eventually pay off in one way or another. The actions that we took that ended causing pain to another person will come back and hurt us when we least expected and where it hurts the most. Karma does not necessarily work in a boomerang type way. If a person steals something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is going to steal from that person. It means that the person who stole something will eventually come across an event where he is going to experience the same emotions that the person he stole from.

I started thinking about Karma after reflecting on the season that the Los Angeles Dodgers had and the divorce of Frank and Jamie McCourt.
I must say that October doesn’t feel the same without my beloved Dodgers in the playoffs. Yesterday was the first day of the Major League Baseball playoffs. The Texas Rangers surprise many people by beating the Tampa Bay Rays. Roy Halladay pitched a no hitter in his first postseason game. I’m sure he is the first pitcher to accomplish that feat. It was the second no hitter in postseason play; the first one being Don Larsen’s perfect game on 1956. I won’t follow the playoffs this year as much as I did last year. It is not the same when your team is not competing. For more than 25 years I have been on a love/hate relationship with the Dodgers. There is something about sports teams that glues many of us. I can be on a crazy high one day and the next day be bummed out. It is a truly an emotional roller coaster.

This season it was painful to watch and follow the Dodgers. If I follow the team it was more because I wanted to hear Vin Scully’s stories. The season was basically over after Jonathan Broxton blew a 4 run lead in the 9th inning against the New York Yankees on June 27, 2010.

Not only did the Dodgers had a terrible season but the divorce between the Frank and Jamie McCourt really had a psychological impact on the team. As much as I love the Dodgers, part of me is glad that they had a sucky season and the reason being is: KARMA.

What goes around comes around. If the Dodgers would have been playing in the playoffs that would have meant more money for the organization which means that the McGreedy’s divorce would’ve been paid for by the revenue that the Dodgers would have made in tickets, parking, souvenirs, concession stand sales, etc. I am talking about an owner who charges $14 million on rent on the property (Dodger Stadium) he owns. This is outrageously more than what a baseball team would paid an independent landlord. Here is a link for further information on how McGreedy has ripped off the Dodgers to fatten his pockets.

Here is a great article about Frank McCourt. After reading it, you will know why we, Dodger Fans, are fed up with the management of this team.

For those who want to further info on how the McCourts used the profits of the Dodgers to maintain a lifestyle that is beyond ridiculous go here:  http://la.curbed.com/tags/frank-mccourt

Karma comes in different ways. In this case, I think the actions of Frank McCourt has damage his persona and affected the Dodgers organization. He is now facing the consequences of his actions. Karma stings you where it hurts the most. Or it rewards you where it matters most. That is the cycle of Karma. We all shape our Karma. It’s cause and effect.

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