John Wooden, R.I.P.

Yesterday would have been John Wooden’s 100th birthday. John Wooden was one of those amazing individuals who came to this world and left us with a message of Love, Compassionate, Respect and Understanding. Not only was he an amazing basketball coach but he was one of the greatest teachers of Life. I never had the chance to meet him but I was truly blessed to have seen him and Vin Scully share the stage on June 13, 2008 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Not only was it an historical day but just being there was magical.

I have always been inspired by this great soul. When I was in freshman in High School I memorized one of his quotes on Success. It goes something like this:
        Each day that you fail to do your best, you lose something you can never get back. Do you best not because somebody else wants you too, not         because you are expected too, not because someone before you did it. But, do you best because of the personal satisfaction and pleasure you         can get out of doing a job well done to the very best of your ability.

John Wooden created the Pyramid of Success as a tool for us to live our lives. It wasn’t used just to coach his players but for his players to learn abot the values and apply them in their everyday lives. Here is a link for those who are not familiar with his pyramid of success.

Here are some videos of John Wooden.

John Wooden’s Love Letter

Vin Scully talking about how he met John Wooden

Tribute to John Wooden

We miss you John. Thank you for your inspiration.

John Wooden…

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