Remembering Nestor Kirchner

Yesterday, Latin America lost a bolivarian friend in Nestor Kirchner. He died of a heart attack at the young age of 60. Kirchner was responsible for resurrecting the Argentinian economy when Argentina was facing an economic crisis in 2001-2002. Kirchner blamed the IMF for the economic crisis in his country and his stance against the IMF drew him many supporters. Kirchner’s governement instead nationalize the pension system to raise the funds needed to get out of the crisis along with other orchestrated moves that demonstrated to other countries that they can get out of crisis without the help of the IMF. After all, the IMF puts countries in debt instead of getting them out of debt. A good example is Haiti.

As Argentina and the world mourns the death of Nestor Kirchner, we must not forget his wife, Cristina Fernandez, the current President of Argentina. Although, many people have indicated that Argentina won’t be the same without Nestor, who was planning to run for President in 2011, many political analyst are already commenting about the changes that can come from Cristina’s government. I think Cristina will do fine. 1st we must respect that she just lost her husband and it its very difficult to run a country while mourning the loss of someone close to you. 2nd, the notion that Cristina’s government won’t be the same without the “guidance” of her late husband, is an insult to her capabilities and to women who have significant roles in government. This patriarch thinking does no good to serve the interest of the Argentinian people. Cristina government will continue to move forward and I won’t surprise to see her run for re-election in 2011.

As we remember Nestor Kirchner, let us remember him for who he was; a man who dedicated his life to serving the interest of the Argentinians and a man who was an instrumental figure in the rise of the New Latin America.

Here is a clip from Oliver Stone’s documentary, South of the Border, where Oliver is interviewing Nestor Kirchner. Nestor is describing a conversation he had with George W. Bush. I am not surprise by Bush comments.

Nestor Kirchner…Presente

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