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Harvey Milk…..PRESENTE!!!

November 28, 2010

It was November 27, 1978, when Harvey Milk and the Mayor of San Francisco, George Moscone, were assassinated by Dan White, who had resigned as a board of supervisor and wanted his job back.

Harvey Milk, the first openly gay American elected to public office and the “Mayor of Castro Street,” was not only a visionary but a true revolutionary. Harvey was not just a gay rights activist but a human rights activist. He walk the walk and talk the talk. His charisma and his way of engaging people into the movement were inspiring.

In the 32 years that have passed since his death, Harvey continues to inspire many of us to keep fighting for not just gay rights but to fight where ever there is injustice. They might have killed Harvey Milk but they didn’t kill his spirit. Harvey Milk’s spirit lives in all of us who believe in justice and equality.

Here is a great interview Harvey Milk did in 1978 where he discusses the Briggs Initiative but Harvey Milk just nails this interview. This is Harvey at its best. Check it out.

Here is Harvey’s HOPE speech.

Here is Harvey’s last words. Everytime I hear this it gives me the chills.

Harvey Milk….PRESENTE!!!

Juan Manuel Marquez Knocks Out Michael Katsidis

November 28, 2010


I wrote in my pre fight analysis that I expected nothing more than a great fight and boxing fans got exactly that. Tonight’s fight was truly a war between Marquez and Katsidis. Both of them displayed their fighting styles early in the fight. Marquez began by jabbing Katsidis to the the body. Katsidis tried jabbing Marquez but Juan Manuel did a good job at blocking Katsidis jab. The 2nd round Katsidis tried to get inside but was countered by Marquez. In this round, Marquez starts to work on his combination to the body and the head. The 3rd round was a good round. Katsidis suprised Marquez with a left hook and knocked him down. It caught me by surprise and I’m sure had everyone to this point thinking of a major upset. But, he is fighting Marquez. And Marquez is a true Mexican warrior. Marquez gets up and starts punching his way back into the fight. Towards the end of the round, Marquez starts landing his punches on Katsidis. This round I gave it to Katsidis, 10-9. In my opinion, had Katsidis convincingly won the round, I would have scored it a 10-8 round. But, Marquez made it close at the end and therefore I ended scoring the round, 10-9.

The fourth and fifth round were more of the same with Katsidis trying to go to the body and on the 5th round had Marquez on the ropes but Marquez did a good job at getting off the ropes and the exchange that went on in the middle of the ring had Marquez supporters on their feet. The 6th round was a very close round with Katsidis catching Marquez couple of times to the face. Marquez continued to work the body then came right back up. The 7th round to me was when Marquez started to change the tempo of the fight. Katsidis started strong, going to the body and landing couple of shots to Marquez. Both fighters then went to the body before an exchange between Katsidis and Marquez with Juan Manuel getting the best of the punches. In the 8th round, Marquez connected couple of left uppercuts on Katsidis. Towards the end of the round, it looked like Michael Katsidis was getting tired from those blows to the body. The 9th round, Juan Manuel Marquez unloaded two uppercuts on Katsidis and then started to land everything he was throwing. Katsidis legs appeared to go out on him but he kept standing there. Juan Manuel would have knocked out Katsidis had Kenny Bayless not stepped in to stop the fight. I thought it was the right call. In my pre fight analysis, I had predicted Marquez knocking out Katsidis in the 9th round. I give credit to Michael Katsidis who kept coming forward even when his feet didn’t respond. He fought a hell of a fight.

With this impressive knockout, Marquez is once again aiming for a 3rd fight with Pacquaio. I would agree with Emanuel Steward that a 3rd fight with Pacquaio and Marquez should be fought at 140lbs. I want to see the 3rd fight. Pacquaio can silence the critics who say that he lost the 2nd fight with Marquez and Juan Manuel can finally get his 3rd fight and demonstrate that he has the tools to beat Pacquaio. The fight can be fought on May 7, 2011 if the Mayweather vs Pacquiao negotiations go sour. The fight can be billed as “Unfinished Business.” This would be a good plan B for Manny Pacquiao.

Marquez vs Katsidis Pre Fight Analysis

November 28, 2010
Tonight’s fight is bound to be an explosive fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Michael Katsidis. In boxing anything can happen. Katsidis only two losses are against Joel Casamayor and Juan Diaz. One would think that Marquez will easily beat Katsidis given that he has knocked out Casamayor and Diaz. But in boxing you can’t rule anything out. One thought that Margarito would easily beat Mosley given that Cotto beat Mosley and Margarito knocked out Cotto. We all know what happen to Margarito against the Mosley fight.

Having said that, tonight’s fight should be a potential fight of the year candidate given each fighters’ fighting style. Michael Katsidis is coming to fight with the motivation and the heavy heart of losing his only brother. He is dedicating this fight to his brother. But, sometimes motivation is not enough. Daniel Jacobs decided to fight and dedicate his fight to his grandmother, who had passed away just before he fought Dimitry Pirog. But, during the fight, we saw that it was not the same and he ended being knocked out by Dimitry Pirog.

I expect Marquez to use his ring intelligence and his counter punches to eventually wear out Katsidis. Michael is a straight out warrior. Don’t expect him to move back against Marquez. I think Katsidis will start the fight just the same way Juan Diaz started his first fight against Marquez. I expect by the 6th round for Marquez to eventually settle down and start chopping Katsidis down. I expect nothing more than a great fight. My prediction is Marquez winning by a knockout around the 9th round.

Mumia Abu-Jamal comments on Thanksgiving

November 25, 2010

To this day, I can hardly bear to think of that quintessentially American holiday — Thanksgiving.

When I do, however, I do not dwell on pilgrims with wide black hats sitting to sup with red men, their long hair adorned with eagle feathers. I think not of turkeys, nor of cranberry, foods now traditional for the day of feast.

Unlike millions, I don’t even think of the day’s football game; and not thinking of it, I don’t watch it.

I think of the people we have habitually called ‘Indians” the indigenous people of the Americas. Those millions who are no more.

I think of those precious few who remain, and wonder, what do they think of this day; this national myth of sweet brotherhood, that masks what can only be called genocide?

Several years ago, I read a thin text that was pregnant with poignancy. It was a collection of Native remarks from the first tribes who encountered whites in New England, and down through several hundred years. Throughout it all, the same vibration could be felt, no matter what the clan or tribe. A profound sense of betrayal and wrong; from people who were treated like brethren when they first arrived.

In New England, the name Powhatan (ca. 1547-1618) is still recalled (even if that wasn’t his name, but what the English called him). Known as Wahunsonacock by his people, he headed a confederacy of 32 tribes, and governed an area of hundreds of miles. He was the father of Pocahontas, the young Indian maiden who saved the life of Capt. James Smith. A year after sparing Smith’s life, the white captain threatened the great chief. This is some of his response given in 1609:

“…Why should you take by force that from us which you can have by love? Why should you destroy us, who have provided you with food? We can hide our provisions, and fly into the woods; and then you must consequently famish by wronging your friends. What is the cause of your jealousy? You see us unarmed, and willing to supply your wants, if you come in a friendly manner, and not with swords and guns, as to invade an enemy. I am not so simple, as not to know it is better to eat good meat, lie well, and sleep quietly with my women and children; to laugh and be merry with the English; and, being their friend, to have copper, hatchets, and whatever else I want, than to fly from all, to lie cold in the woods, feed upon acorns, roots, and such trash, and to be so hunted, that I cannot rest, eat, or sleep. In such circumstances, my men must watch, and if a twig should but break, all would cry out, “Here comes Capt. Smith“; and in this miserable manner, to end my miserable life; and, Capt. Smith, this might be soon your fate too, through your rashness and unadvisedness. I therefore, exhort you to peaceable councils; and, above all, I insist that the guns and swords, the cause of all our jealousy and uneasiness, be removed and sent away.” [Blaisdell, Bob, ed., Great Speeches by Native Americans (Mineola, N.Y.: Dover Press, 2000), p.4.]

That great chief’s sentiments would be echoed for over hundreds of years, but injustice would just be piled on injustice. Genocide would be the white answer to red life.

Centuries later, what can Thanksgiving Day mean to Native peoples?

Thank you for stealing our land? Thank you for wiping out our people?

Thank you for placing a remnant of our once great numbers on rural ghettoes called ‘reservations?’

Thank you for abolishing most of the ancient traditions?

Thank you for poisoning what little Indian lands remain with uranium?

Thank you for poisoning the lands now inhabited by the whites?

Thank you for letting Indians fight in American wars against other people?


The real tragedy is that millions of Americans don’t know, and don’t want to know about Indian history and traditions.

Today, the names of rivers, lakes, and landmarks bear indigenous markers of another age.

The people, except for an occasional movie, are mostly forgotten; out of mind. The easier to replace with false images of happy meals, and turkey dinners.

Happy Thanksgiving.



Mr. Wendal

November 25, 2010

Here, have a dollar,
in fact no brotherman here, have two
Two dollars means a snack for me,
but it means a big deal to you
Be strong, serve God only,
know that if you do, beautiful heaven awaits
That’s the poem I wrote for the first time
I saw a man with no clothes, no money, no plate
Mr.Wendal, that’s his name,
no one ever knew his name cause he’s a no-one
Never thought twice about spending on a ol’ bum,
until I had the chance to really get to know one
Now that I know him, to give him money isn’t charity
He gives me some knowledge, I buy him some shoes
And to think blacks spend all that money on big colleges,
still most of y’all come out confused

[CHORUS:] Go ahead, Mr.Wendal (2x)

Mr.Wendal has freedom,
a free that you and I think is dumb
Free to be without the worries of a quick to diss society
for Mr.Wendal’s a bum
His only worries are sickness
and an occasional harassment by the police and their chase
Uncivilized we call him,
but I just saw him eat off the food we waste
Civilization, are we really civilized, yes or no ?
Who are we to judge ?
When thousands of innocent men could be brutally enslaved
and killed over a racist grudge
Mr.Wendal has tried to warn us about our ways
but we don’t hear him talk
Is it his fault when we’ve gone too far,
and we got too far, cause on him we walk
Mr.Wendal, a man, a human in flesh,
but not by law
I feed you dignity to stand with pride,
realize that all in all you stand tall

Mr.Wendal, yeah yeah yeah, Lord, Mr.Wendal

Community Connection

November 23, 2010
The Community Connection is the newspaper that documents the great work that L.A. CAN (Community Action Network) is doing but more importantly its a newspaper that documents the struggles and the stories that one won’t get from the L.A. Times. To learn more about the great work that L.A. CAN is doing follow them at

In this issue read about the demonstration that residents had when they went “trick o treating” at the Mayor’s mansion. There is an article about residents opposing HACLA’s agency plan, L.A. CAN’s Skid Row Community Garden, my article on the Homeless World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, an article I wrote about the Movimiento Nacional de Luta Pela Moradia (National Movement of Struggle for Housing), and many more. Here is the link. Enjoy reading the Community Connection.

Remembering Me on Thanksgiving and Christmas

November 23, 2010

Here is a poem I wrote more than 10 years ago. It was inspired from my conversations with my homeless friends.


You see me sleeping on the streets.
You give me money instead of something to eat.
I ask myself if you gave me the money to help me
or because it makes you feel good.
Whatever your intention was, I don’t know.

You see sometimes I don’t need money.
I just want someone to talk to me.
But I know it’s easy for you to give me money
than to shake my hand.

I also know that you only feed me on two occasions:
Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Why can’t you feed me on any other day?
I am hungry everyday just like you
unlike you most of these days I don’t eat.

I will admit that my best meal
comes when you feed me on these two occasions.
I wish it could happen more often,
but I know that you only remember me on these two days.

Now that I have shared with you what’s on my mind
I hope you will look at me in a different way.
Maybe now you won’t be scared to talk to me
Maybe you will be kind enough to feed me on a day
that is not Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Sergio Martinez Knocks Paul Williams Out Cold

November 22, 2010


This was supposed to be the fight of the year or at least a candidate for the fight of the year. After their 1st fight where Paul Williams won via a close majority decision, boxing fans couldn’t wait for the rematch. The 2nd fight had a lot of drama leading up to the fight. Paul Williams demanded a catch weight and Sergio gave it to him. The catch weight was set at 158lbs, 2 pounds below the weight limit of 160 and on the line was Sergio’s middleweight belt. Sergio won the belt by beating Kelly Pavlik and this would be his first defense.

Both camps had mentioned that this second fight would be an all out war. Both fighters had predicted a knock out but in my opinion, Sergio Maravilla Martinez was the one that kept telling everyone that he would knock out Paul Williams and that the fight would not last more than 7 rounds. Maravilla’s trainer went as far as predicting a 2nd round knock out. His trainer kept his word.

The first round seemed pretty even with Sergio connecting more. I had Sergio winning the first round. The 2nd round was going okay until Sergio delivered a MARAVILLA of a knockout. WOW!!! That left hook was beautiful. It got me thinking of Pacquiao’s knock out of Ricky Hatton. But, this one is clearly better than the one Pacquiao delivered on Hatton. The reason is most of us boxing fans were expecting Pacquiao to knock out Ricky Hatton. We just didn’t think it would come in the 2nd round. But, no one expected Sergio Martinez to knock Paul Williams out cold in the 2nd round. I mean, he got KNOCKED OUT. By far this will be the knock out of the year.

For those who miss the fight or just want to see it again, check it out. If you just want to watch the knock out, forward to the 5:45 mark.


100 aniversario de la Revolucion Mexicana

November 21, 2010
Hoy se cumple el 100 aniversario de la Revolucion Mexicana. Pero hoy tambien vemos un Mexico tan atrasado en terminos politico-social. Mexico siempre va ser un pais rico de cultura. Ningunas de las metas de la Revolucion Mexicana se ven presentes en el Mexico de hoy. Hemos visto un Mexico corrupto. Un Mexico donde la desigualdad se ha aumentado. Un Mexico donde los ricos se siguen enriqueciendo mientras los pobres se van empobreciendo.

El Mexico de hoy se ha convertido en el pais titere de los imperialistas yanquis. El gobierno se ha preocupado en como puede ser mas “americanizado” mientras el pueblo sigue en pie de lucha. Hemos vistos los tratos de libre comercio afectar la industria agraria y como los campesinos son los que sufren por estos acuerdos desgraciados. Los recursos naturales casi todos se van a querer privatizar. Si piensan privatizar el PEMEX, ahi si el gobierno se la va ver con el pueblo.

Desde que los Zapatistas se levantaron contra el mal gobierno en el 1994, no hemos visto muchos movimientos sociales hacer mucho ruido. Siento yo que con el llamado de la 6ta declaracion de la Selva Lacandona y con el mensaje de la Otra Campana, ahi encontraremos las respuestas de nuestras problemas.

Compas, como dice el sub, ya no mas un Mexico aislado. Ya no se hace falta luchar solos, abandonados. Hoy en este aniversario, hay que lanzar nuestra REVOLUCION MEXICANA. Una Revolucion desde abajo y ala izquierda. Una Revolucion donde todos los movimientos sociales nos unemos y luchemos por las necesidades del pueblo.

Hay que sembrar semillas de una rebeldia digna. Una rebeldia donde el manana sera para el futuro de nuestros hij@s y sus hij@s. Como dicen los zapatistas, PARA TODOS, TODO, PARA NOSOTROS, NADA.


Aniversario de los Zapatistas….VIVA EL EZLN!!!

November 17, 2010
En un dia de hoy me pongo a reflexionar en el aniversario del Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional. No hay mejor manera de rendir un tributo a los Zapatistas que cantandoles sus mananitas en una forma bien al estilo Zapatista. Disfrutenlo.

Aqui les vas el Himno Zapatista. Disfrutenlo.

A seguir luchando por un mundo donde quepan muchos mundos.

Abajo y ala Izquierda…
esta el corazon.

Caminando, preguntando
vamos avanzando.

Para Todos, TODO
Para Nosotros, NADA