We Want Justice For Oscar Grant

Today the judge sentence Mehserle to 2 years in prison for killing Oscar Grant. How can this be justice? People get 25 years in prison if there 3rd strike is being caught with weed in their pocket or some petty theft. How can we trust the justice system when the judge can come out with some bogus sentencing? We have people like Leonard Peltier doing life for a crime he didn’t commit. We have Mumia Abu Jamal on death row for a crime that he didn’t commit. One has to wonder if race played an issue in the sentencing of Mehserle. Of course it did. There is no way that an African American or Latino cop would get 2 years in prison if they were to killed a young white male.
I don’t expect the community to take this decision lightly. There will continue to be demonstrations in Oakland and throughout California. The notion here is not to calm these demonstrations but to tackle the root of why these demonstrations are happening. If we don’t tackle the problem at its root, then we can not expect people to just forget. One can not forget or “move on” after a human being was shot to death and a police officer just got 2 years in prison.



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