Pacquiao comes in too small while Margarito makes weight at 150

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s fight. While many of us predicted that Pacquiao would come in at around 147, I was surprised that Pacquiao tip the scales at 144.6 lbs. Margarito, on the other hand, has been saying all along that the weight won’t be a problem. He had no problem making the weight at 150lbs. Margarito looks ripped. He will be gaining no more than 10 pounds and should come in at around 159-160lbs. Pacquiao, may have to eat a cow just to gain 4 pounds. He said he had difficulties gaining any more weight. He had a bread and some eggs earlier in the day. I am just surprise that Pacquiao would come in this small. I know part of the strategy is speed but to give your opponent a 5.4 lbs advantage during the weigh in and maybe 12 pounds (assuming Pac weighs 147 and Margarito 160) come fight time is taking a lot of risks.

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