Pacquiao vs Margarito Pre Fight Analysis

November 13, 2010 will be a night to remember. Either we see Pacquiao win his 8th title or we will see Margarito defeat Pacquiao and put the hand wrap scandal aside. Whatever your expectation is for the fight, it will be a great fight for the fans. It has the potential of being a fight of the year candidate.

I was shock like many boxing fans were when Pacquiao tipped the scales at 144.6lbs. One would think that he was going to fight a welter weight fight. I know the plan is to use his lateral movements and speed to his advantage but I don’t understand why Pacquiao would want to give a 5.4lbs advantage to Margarito. I don’t know if Team Pacquiao are biting more than they can chew. It doesn’t make sense to me when Pacquaio had the chance to fight Yuri Foreman for the WBA championship; he refused saying Foreman was taller. Yuri Foreman is the same height as Margarito. Both Margarito and Foreman are promoted by Top Rank. Margarito in my opinion is much bigger and stronger than Foreman. Margarito may not be as fast as Foreman, but in my eyes, a fight vs Foreman, one can make the argument that it would have been much easier to get his 8th title as oppose to challenging Margarito. One reason, why we didn’t see a Pacquiao vs Foreman fight, was because it wouldn’t sell. On the other hand, a Pacquiao vs Margarito, has many elements to this fight. But regardless of what people think about Margarito, there is no denying that Margarito can still pack a house. And Pacquiao knows it. Bob Arum knows it. Come Saturday night, don’t be surprise if half of the stadium are rooting for Margarito.

But, I ask myself, why is Pacquiao fighting Margarito at 154 pounds. We don’t need the fact that Manny is going for his 8th title to hype the fight. A pacquiao fight doesn’t need no adverstising. He advertises himself. I think it would have been much better if Pacquaio would have defended his welter weight belt against Margarito. By fighting Margarito at 147, Manny is giving himself all the advantages. They can continue to do what they have done to fighters like De la Hoya and Cotto, which is to drain their opponents, even though, Margarito is considered to be a bigger welter weight. If the fight was at 147 then I would see many disadvantages for Margarito. It is what it is.

Pacquiao would have to use his speed to his advantage. He can’t stand there and trade shots with Margarito. He can’t even allow himself to be pushed to the ropes since Margarito will unload on him. Manny has a tendency of letting his opponents back him to the ropes and see what they have. Cotto did it but he didn’t capitalize on him. Manny can’t take the same risk. He is going to have to try to box inside hit and move. It may throw Margarito off his game plan if he does this all night.

On the other hand, Margarito needs to use his height and reach advantage and make the best of it. He knows that he can’t fight at the same pace with Manny so it is crucial that in the first round, Margarito sets the rhythm of the fight. Margarito needs to keep Pacquiao at a distance and use his jab. If he fights at a distance, Pacquiao will have difficulty moving in. Speed is good but what good is it if you can’t hit your target. Margarito needs to take advantage of the times that he is able to put Pacquiao on the ropes and connect to the body and his face. Not only that, but if Margarito is able to demonstrate that he can counter punch with Manny, then I see a long night for Manny.

I think speed and lateral movements are a good advantage but I am going to go for size and power. Pacquiao come fight night will be weighing around 147 compare to Margarito’s 160. I just feel an accumulation of punches to his body and/or to the head at this weight is of concern. If Margarito is able to land a lot of his body shots then its going to affect Manny’s speed.  I see Margarito winning in the later rounds. Should be a great fight. Can’t wait.

On another note, who is that fool on the video that comes in around 2:18 taking pics with Margarito. Looks familiar.

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