Why a Margarito Win is Good for Boxing

I know many boxing fans have not forgiven Margarito for his allegedly hand wrap scandal. But when I ask so call boxing fans, their thoughts on a possible Margarito vs Maravilla Martinez rematch, they don’t know who I am talking about.

Just like any other boxing fan, I am excited for this fight. But, very few fans and even boxing writers are giving Margarito a chance to win. I, on the other hand, see many advantages for the sport of Boxing if Margarito wins. We know that this fight is one where a boxer can enter deeper into the record books and one where a boxer will try to seek redemption.

Assuming that Pacquaio wins his 8th title. He is just going to give it back as he has no intention of defending his belt. In this case, it won’t look good for boxing to accommodate a boxer to fight in a division where he is clearly small and if he becomes a 154lb champion has repeatedly stated that he has no intention of fighting in this division again. Boxing should have a rule that if a boxer wins a world championship belt in any division that the boxer should at least defend the belt once before moving up in weight or vacating the belt. It is not fair to be giving certain boxers preferential treatment to win belts when certain fighters have no intention of defending those belts.

On the other hand, if Margarito wins, it clearly makes the 154lb division more interesting. If he wins, there are many exciting fights that could happen in this division. One will be the rematch of Antonio Margarito vs Miguel Cotto. They can even unify the belts as Cotto is the WBA champion. Having the WBC and WBA on the line, this should be an exciting fight as it will put to rest the rumors that Margarito cheated on his fight against Cotto. Margarito can also fight a rematch with Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez, as Martinez will be fighting to avenge the first true loss of his career. Not only that, but Martinez will be trying to win the belt that he vacated. Margarito can fight Kermit Cintron for a 3rd time if he feels that Margarito cheated in his two losses against him. Margarito can fight somewhere in Mexico against Alfredo Angulo, since Angulo won’t be fighting in American any time soon. Another great fight could be the rematch between Margarito vs Paul Williams.

All these fights are exciting fights for boxing fans. If we don’t get a Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight, we still have a lot of great boxing fights that can happen with a Margarito win. I think a Margarito win will make the 154 one of the best divisions in boxing. Right now, we have the 140 division loaded with potential big fights. A Margarito win be good for boxing and for the potential fights that came come out of the 154 lb division.

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