Manny Pacquiao wins his historic 8th Title

November 13th was a historic night for boxing fans. Manny captured his historic 8th world title by winning a unanimous decision over Antonio Margarito. I must admit that Manny Pacquaio is clearly one of the best boxers of our generation. I give credit to Pacquiao for his amazing performance and destroying Margarito in last night’s fight. But, as a boxing fan, part of me felt that the fight was fixed. I have couple theories on why the fight was fix. From the opening bell, I could see that Margarito was not the same fighter as the one that stepped into the ring to fight Roberto Amenaza Garcia. That fight was also fight in the 154 range. In that fight, Margarito looked more aggressive and even showing some lateral movements. In the opening round, when Margarito threw a punch, it was thrown in such a slow motion that either he was too heavy for his weight at 165 or he was just too weak before the fight started. Both fighters are promoted by Bob Arum, and as a promoter, I never heard Arum talking about Margarito. He wasn’t promoting Margarito at all. He only gave him the fight. The only promotion he gave was basically to say that Margarito was suspended unfairly and that Margarito served his time. To have a promoter put all his marbles on one of his fighters and not on another doesn’t seem right. Arum did a good job trying to sell the fight. The bigger and taller Margarito trying to fight for redemption while Pacman fights for a record 8th world title. Not only that, but financially speaking, it was also in the interest of Arum to use Margarito to try to sell the fight to the latino boxing fans. And it worked. We all know Margarito is a slow starter but last night’s fight was just too obvious that the fight was fixed. Margarito has never fought like that before. Even when he got knocked out by Mosley, he looked faster than last night and that fight was fought at 147.

Anyways, maybe the boxing fan in me really wanted to see a great fight. I was just shocked that Margarito would come at 165 when his own camp had mentioned that he would come in at around 159. Did they added those pounds to make him weaker on purpose? We will never know. I just wanted to see a great fight. A fight where Margarito and Pacquiao actually went toe to toe. We saw some of that in the 6th round. But, the fight was clearly a one sided beat down. In fact, it was the 6th round that Margarito had his best chance when he connected to the body that seemed to hurt Pacquaio. Manny even when on to say that he was lucky to get out of the 6th round. Had Margarito would have sensed that Pacquiao was hurt and started to put more pressure and started the 7th trying to attack the body, maybe it would have been a much more interesting fight. Instead, we were treated to a complete avalanche of Pacquiao’s speed and power. It got so bad that Manny just stopped fighting past the 10th round. He was soft on Margarito in the last 2 rounds. That just shows the type of fighter that Pacquiao is.

I congratulate Pacquiao for his record 8th world title. This maybe one of those feats in Sports that will be impossible to break. This maybe one of those records that may will not be broken. Although, some would argue that his 7th and 8th title were won at catch weights. The record may have an asterisk but one cannot deny Pacquaio’s amazing accomplishments.

Now for the fight that everyone is waiting for. Here is what I hope for. Have Manny fight Mayweather for Manny’s 154 belt. Knowing Mayweather he won’t agree to a catch weight fight. So both fighters fight for Manny’s 154lb belt. There is a penalty if Mayweather comes over the limit and Mayweather would counter that Manny would at least have to weight close to the 150 range. I think it would be interesting to see Manny defend his new 154 lb belt against Mayweather. Have both fighters do olympic style testing since we know Mayweather will throw that in. Based on Mayweather’s legal issues, the fight should be staged sometime in September of next year to give it ample time to promote.

I just think Manny vs Mayweather is due. Let’s get it on and they can even fight for the P4P “title”. This is the fight that everyone will want to see. Although, if it happens, I do see Manny having difficulties getting through Mayweathers’ defense. I just hope they signed the contract before I start analyzing the fight.

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