Tupac Katari…Presente!!!

Julian Apaza Nina, is known to every Bolivian and to people in the world as Tupac Katari. He adapted his name after his admiration of Tupac Amaru and Tomas Catari.

Tupac Katari was a famous indigenous aymaran who organized 40,000 of his soldiers in the uprising against the Spanish colonizers. In 1781, he was able to take control of  La Paz for 184 days. Later that year, Spanish troops were successful at getting through La Paz. It is rumored that that second time, Katari was able to get some assistance from Andres Tupac Amaru, the nephew of Tupa Amaru II. The second time didn’t prove to be successful as his siege was broken by loyalists led by Josef Reseguin on October 17, 1781.

Tupac Katari died when he was tied by his hands and feet and was pulled by 4 different horses who were running in 4 different directions. Tupac Katari is not only a martyr and a symbolic hero in Bolivia but is known for his famous slogan, “A mi solo me mataran pero manana volvere y sere millones.”

Here is a song by the famous Bolivian band, Kala Marka, performing one of their favorite songs, Tupac Katari. Enjoy.

Katari…La Rebelion
Evo…La Revolucion

Tupac Katari…PRESENTE!!!


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