Sergio Martinez Knocks Paul Williams Out Cold


This was supposed to be the fight of the year or at least a candidate for the fight of the year. After their 1st fight where Paul Williams won via a close majority decision, boxing fans couldn’t wait for the rematch. The 2nd fight had a lot of drama leading up to the fight. Paul Williams demanded a catch weight and Sergio gave it to him. The catch weight was set at 158lbs, 2 pounds below the weight limit of 160 and on the line was Sergio’s middleweight belt. Sergio won the belt by beating Kelly Pavlik and this would be his first defense.

Both camps had mentioned that this second fight would be an all out war. Both fighters had predicted a knock out but in my opinion, Sergio Maravilla Martinez was the one that kept telling everyone that he would knock out Paul Williams and that the fight would not last more than 7 rounds. Maravilla’s trainer went as far as predicting a 2nd round knock out. His trainer kept his word.

The first round seemed pretty even with Sergio connecting more. I had Sergio winning the first round. The 2nd round was going okay until Sergio delivered a MARAVILLA of a knockout. WOW!!! That left hook was beautiful. It got me thinking of Pacquiao’s knock out of Ricky Hatton. But, this one is clearly better than the one Pacquiao delivered on Hatton. The reason is most of us boxing fans were expecting Pacquiao to knock out Ricky Hatton. We just didn’t think it would come in the 2nd round. But, no one expected Sergio Martinez to knock Paul Williams out cold in the 2nd round. I mean, he got KNOCKED OUT. By far this will be the knock out of the year.

For those who miss the fight or just want to see it again, check it out. If you just want to watch the knock out, forward to the 5:45 mark.


One Response to “Sergio Martinez Knocks Paul Williams Out Cold”

  1. Cease Says:

    Great words, Sergio Martinez is with out a doubt the fighter of the year.

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