Remembering Me on Thanksgiving and Christmas

Here is a poem I wrote more than 10 years ago. It was inspired from my conversations with my homeless friends.


You see me sleeping on the streets.
You give me money instead of something to eat.
I ask myself if you gave me the money to help me
or because it makes you feel good.
Whatever your intention was, I don’t know.

You see sometimes I don’t need money.
I just want someone to talk to me.
But I know it’s easy for you to give me money
than to shake my hand.

I also know that you only feed me on two occasions:
Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Why can’t you feed me on any other day?
I am hungry everyday just like you
unlike you most of these days I don’t eat.

I will admit that my best meal
comes when you feed me on these two occasions.
I wish it could happen more often,
but I know that you only remember me on these two days.

Now that I have shared with you what’s on my mind
I hope you will look at me in a different way.
Maybe now you won’t be scared to talk to me
Maybe you will be kind enough to feed me on a day
that is not Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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