Harvey Milk…..PRESENTE!!!

It was November 27, 1978, when Harvey Milk and the Mayor of San Francisco, George Moscone, were assassinated by Dan White, who had resigned as a board of supervisor and wanted his job back.

Harvey Milk, the first openly gay American elected to public office and the “Mayor of Castro Street,” was not only a visionary but a true revolutionary. Harvey was not just a gay rights activist but a human rights activist. He walk the walk and talk the talk. His charisma and his way of engaging people into the movement were inspiring.

In the 32 years that have passed since his death, Harvey continues to inspire many of us to keep fighting for not just gay rights but to fight where ever there is injustice. They might have killed Harvey Milk but they didn’t kill his spirit. Harvey Milk’s spirit lives in all of us who believe in justice and equality.

Here is a great interview Harvey Milk did in 1978 where he discusses the Briggs Initiative but Harvey Milk just nails this interview. This is Harvey at its best. Check it out.

Here is Harvey’s HOPE speech.

Here is Harvey’s last words. Everytime I hear this it gives me the chills.

Harvey Milk….PRESENTE!!!

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