Juan Manuel Marquez Knocks Out Michael Katsidis


I wrote in my pre fight analysis that I expected nothing more than a great fight and boxing fans got exactly that. Tonight’s fight was truly a war between Marquez and Katsidis. Both of them displayed their fighting styles early in the fight. Marquez began by jabbing Katsidis to the the body. Katsidis tried jabbing Marquez but Juan Manuel did a good job at blocking Katsidis jab. The 2nd round Katsidis tried to get inside but was countered by Marquez. In this round, Marquez starts to work on his combination to the body and the head. The 3rd round was a good round. Katsidis suprised Marquez with a left hook and knocked him down. It caught me by surprise and I’m sure had everyone to this point thinking of a major upset. But, he is fighting Marquez. And Marquez is a true Mexican warrior. Marquez gets up and starts punching his way back into the fight. Towards the end of the round, Marquez starts landing his punches on Katsidis. This round I gave it to Katsidis, 10-9. In my opinion, had Katsidis convincingly won the round, I would have scored it a 10-8 round. But, Marquez made it close at the end and therefore I ended scoring the round, 10-9.

The fourth and fifth round were more of the same with Katsidis trying to go to the body and on the 5th round had Marquez on the ropes but Marquez did a good job at getting off the ropes and the exchange that went on in the middle of the ring had Marquez supporters on their feet. The 6th round was a very close round with Katsidis catching Marquez couple of times to the face. Marquez continued to work the body then came right back up. The 7th round to me was when Marquez started to change the tempo of the fight. Katsidis started strong, going to the body and landing couple of shots to Marquez. Both fighters then went to the body before an exchange between Katsidis and Marquez with Juan Manuel getting the best of the punches. In the 8th round, Marquez connected couple of left uppercuts on Katsidis. Towards the end of the round, it looked like Michael Katsidis was getting tired from those blows to the body. The 9th round, Juan Manuel Marquez unloaded two uppercuts on Katsidis and then started to land everything he was throwing. Katsidis legs appeared to go out on him but he kept standing there. Juan Manuel would have knocked out Katsidis had Kenny Bayless not stepped in to stop the fight. I thought it was the right call. In my pre fight analysis, I had predicted Marquez knocking out Katsidis in the 9th round. I give credit to Michael Katsidis who kept coming forward even when his feet didn’t respond. He fought a hell of a fight.

With this impressive knockout, Marquez is once again aiming for a 3rd fight with Pacquaio. I would agree with Emanuel Steward that a 3rd fight with Pacquaio and Marquez should be fought at 140lbs. I want to see the 3rd fight. Pacquaio can silence the critics who say that he lost the 2nd fight with Marquez and Juan Manuel can finally get his 3rd fight and demonstrate that he has the tools to beat Pacquaio. The fight can be fought on May 7, 2011 if the Mayweather vs Pacquiao negotiations go sour. The fight can be billed as “Unfinished Business.” This would be a good plan B for Manny Pacquiao.

2 Responses to “Juan Manuel Marquez Knocks Out Michael Katsidis”

  1. Cease Says:

    Check this article outhttp://www.boxingnews24.com/2010/11/marquez-stops-katsidis-in-9th/

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great article. Juan Manuel Marquez never ducks any fighter.

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