Marquez vs Katsidis Pre Fight Analysis

Tonight’s fight is bound to be an explosive fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Michael Katsidis. In boxing anything can happen. Katsidis only two losses are against Joel Casamayor and Juan Diaz. One would think that Marquez will easily beat Katsidis given that he has knocked out Casamayor and Diaz. But in boxing you can’t rule anything out. One thought that Margarito would easily beat Mosley given that Cotto beat Mosley and Margarito knocked out Cotto. We all know what happen to Margarito against the Mosley fight.

Having said that, tonight’s fight should be a potential fight of the year candidate given each fighters’ fighting style. Michael Katsidis is coming to fight with the motivation and the heavy heart of losing his only brother. He is dedicating this fight to his brother. But, sometimes motivation is not enough. Daniel Jacobs decided to fight and dedicate his fight to his grandmother, who had passed away just before he fought Dimitry Pirog. But, during the fight, we saw that it was not the same and he ended being knocked out by Dimitry Pirog.

I expect Marquez to use his ring intelligence and his counter punches to eventually wear out Katsidis. Michael is a straight out warrior. Don’t expect him to move back against Marquez. I think Katsidis will start the fight just the same way Juan Diaz started his first fight against Marquez. I expect by the 6th round for Marquez to eventually settle down and start chopping Katsidis down. I expect nothing more than a great fight. My prediction is Marquez winning by a knockout around the 9th round.

2 Responses to “Marquez vs Katsidis Pre Fight Analysis”

  1. Pedro Barajas Says:

    Hey What’s up , i hope your doing fine anyway first of all great victory for the American Boy Jason Liztco to live the American Dream, CC finally succumb to the weight and height because while boxing at 122 he was a giant fighting among midgets, but now at 130 he has someone at fighting level I believe that and many factors for his loss, he is done. Andre " OVERHYPE UNTIL YOU FIGHT A ELITE FIGHTER" Berto, stop fighting C-level fighters and step up please i will not waste my boxing analysis over this so call paper champion.Well I agree with your analysis regarding JMM VS KATSIDIS, KATS fighting with a heavy and emotion heart to even get up for a championship fight reveals everything about this dude’s character. The 3rd round was "BANG" that left hook connected, but if you see a slow motion of that left hook to JMM chin it did not fully connect, it was like a graze and half hearted touch to the chin, if it was a fully shot to the chin JMM wouldve been in LALA LAND but he recover so well and fought on like a Mexican Warrior should. I believe those vicious body shots and uppercuts that were invested early in the fight payed great dividends in the tko9 by JMM, i always believe that the uppercut in boxing is an underrate punch because i dont see any boxer ever implementing that into there gameplan like JMM does. When the 9th rd came i see Kats discourge and defeated if though he was coming foward he lost some luster to his punches with those body shots and uppercuts by JMM and BANG , im glad the ref halted the fight because KATS couldve got damage in there with an accuarte and precision specialist like JMM.Everyone wants to witness a 3rd and decisive rumble between PACMAN and JMM I will be sincere and honest that i would like to watch this FIGHT but now i really believe that PACMAN will hurt JMM for sure either by TKO OR KO, if it goes the distance JMM’s face will be the monstrosity of the boxing world, PACMAN has progress so much since there both meetings with superior footwork and and using his rt hook and straight left and also by implementing his boxing skills against his oppenents, oh well , freakin Nacho shouldve taken that 2nd fight at the time but instead fought CHRIS JHOHN is some jungle located in a parking lot for 75k, OH WEll MOVE on JMM. BOB arum already stated it will be PACMAN VS SUGRAR SHANE, oh well, i WILL see if i can download there fights

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with you. I think CC took Litzau lightly and paid the price. So much for the Juanma and Gamboa fight. Now he is trying to get a rematch to resurrect his career but CC is done….Andre needs to fight a top notch fighter. Freddy was not even close. I give Berto props cuz he did what he had to do. Cintron been talking shit lately so I want to see Berto vs Cintron or Berto vs Mosley if Shane doesn’t get the Pacman fight…Juan Manuel Marquez is just an amazing boxer. A true master at his craft. You are right when you state that no one executes the uppercut better than Marquez…I want to see the pacquaio vs marquez so they can settle their business. Manny has improved tremendously but I agree with Emanuel Steward that the fight should be at 140…And I will say that Nacho messed up when he refused the the 750k for a rematch and ended getting Chris John for 30k and Marquez got robbed…Arum has mentioned that if there is a fight with Marquez the fight will be at 147. Interesting that Arum had Cotto come down to 145 when he was the champion to defend his belt against Pacquaio. We’ll see, can’t wait for Khan vs Maidana.

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