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El Arbol de los Amigos

December 24, 2010

Existen personas en nuestras vidas que nos hacen
felices por la simple casualidad de haberse cruzado en nuestro camino.
Algunas recorren el camino a nuestro lado, viendo muchas lunas pasar, mas otras apenas vemos entre un paso y otro. 

A todas las llamamos amigos y hay muchas clases de ellos.

Tal vez cada hoja de un árbol caracteriza uno de nuestros amigos.

El primero que nace del brote es nuestro amigo papá y nuestra amiga mamá,

que nos muestran lo que es la vida. 

Después vienen los amigos hermanos, con quienes dividimos nuestro espacio
para que puedan florecer como nosotros.

Pasamos a conocer a toda la familia de hojas a quienes respetamos y deseamos el bien.

Mas el destino nos presenta a otros amigos, los cuales no sabíamos

que irían a cruzarse en nuestro camino.  A muchos de ellos los denominamos
amigos del alma, de corazón.  Son sinceros, son verdaderos. 

Saben cuando no estamos bien, saben lo que nos hace feliz.

Y a veces uno de esos amigos del alma estalla en nuestro corazón

y entonces es llamado un amigo enamorado.
Ese da brillo a nuestros ojos, música a nuestros labios, saltos a nuestros pies.

Mas también hay de aquellos amigos por un tiempo,

tal vez unas vacaciones o unos días o unas horas. 

Ellos acostumbran a colocar muchas sonrisas en nuestro rostro,

durante el tiempo que estamos cerca.

Hablando de cerca, no podemos olvidar a amigos distantes,

aquellos que están en la punta de las ramas

y que cuando el viento sopla siempre aparecen entre una hoja y otra.

 El tiempo pasa, el verano se va, el otoño se aproxima 

y perdemos algunas de nuestras hojas, algunas nacen en otro verano
y otras permanecen por muchas estaciones. 
Pero lo que nos deja mas felices es que las que cayeron
continúan cerca, alimentando nuestra raíz con alegría. 
Son recuerdos de momentos maravillosos de cuando se cruzaron en nuestro camino.

Te deseo, hoja de mi árbol, paz, amor, salud, suerte y prosperidad.

Hoy y siempre… Simplemente porque cada persona
que pasa en nuestra vida es única.  Siempre deja un poco de si y se lleva un poco de nosotros.

Habrá los que se llevarán mucho, pero no habrá de los que no nos dejarán nada.

Esta es la mayor responsabilidad de nuestra vida

y la prueba evidente de que dos almas no se encuentran por casualidad.

***El poema es incorrectamente atribuido a Jorge Luis Borges.
El autor aun sigue desconocido auque unos piensan que
es de Silvio Soldan

Remembering The Acteal Massacre

December 22, 2010
On December 22, 1997, 45 Tzotzil Indigenous people from Acteal in the munipality of Chenalho, in the State of Chiapas, Mexico were massacred by paramilitary forces. The indigenous people belonged to a pacifist group, Las Abejas (The Bees), and had gathered in a small chapel and were fasting and praying when the paramilitary forces shot and killed in cold blood, 15 children, 21 women (4 of them were pregnant) and 9 men.

The Las Abejas members were targetted because they supported the goals of the Zapatistas and stayed true to their pacifist beliefs. Last year, the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice released 40 paramilitaries responsible for the Acteal massacre. The Supreme Court alleged that there was no true evidence in the paramilitaries guilt. I am including The Las Abejas statement from last year below. This year the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) published a report on the admissibility of the case and found that 13 years, “is a long enough period to apply the exception to the exhaustion of domestic resources. ” IACHR went on to say that the report “have not yet been identified and prosecuted all perpetrators and masterminds of the slaughter, or have repaired fairly and equitably to the alleged victims.” What we see here is that the Mexican government is still trying to find ways to justify this massacre.

Here is the statement that Las Abejas made on August 9, 2009 after the decision by the Supreme Court to release 40 paramilitaries involved in the massacre. The text was translated by Scott Campbell.

Statement from Las Abejas Community on the release of paramilitaries:


…In 1997, [Mexican government] armed paramilitary groups appeared in Chenalhó. Through force they demanded that all the communities help them buy weapons and attack the Zapatistas. If we didn’t accept taking up arms against the government would we possibly accept taking them up against our own indigenous brothers and sisters? We refused to support the armed paramilitary groups that we saw clearly had the support of the government to get weapons, to be trained and to take violent actions. We were loyal to our principles in spite of the threats and when we refused to support them, the paramilitaries kidnapped us, ran us out of our communities, robbed our harvests, took our belongings and burned our houses. Because of this we became displaced, but we remained loyal to our principles of peace and non-violence.

It was while we were displaced that the paramilitary attacked on December 22, 1997 and the Acteal Massacre occurred, where 45 of our brothers and sisters died while praying and fasting for peace…

Today, five months from the twelfth anniversary of the murder of our brothers and sisters we were informed with great sadness and indignation that the government is going to free 40 of these paramilitaries through a Supreme Court of Justice decree, that more appropriately should be called the Supreme Court of Injustice. Faced with this news we declare the following:

1) It’s not true, as many media outlets are saying, that the Supreme Court decree is a step towards achieving justice for Acteal. Rather it’s a step back from the little that has been achieved. It’s a step forward for impunity.

2) They are saying that the PGR [Federal Attorney General’s Office] fabricated evidence against the prisoners and that what the Supreme Court is doing is just because there is no true evidence of the paramilitaries’ guilt. This is not true either. There is and there has always been real evidence which is our testimony of who we saw do the killing and we know the paramilitaries. But the government (the Attorney General and the judges) has weakened our evidence. They created holes in the case so that when this moment arrived the paramilitaries would be able to get out through these holes with the help of their lawyers and Supreme Court judges. It’s the same thing they do so that the narcos go free. The Supreme Court is not correcting the work of the PGR as they say. It is completing the work they started so that the accomplices of the government can remain free.

3) They say that we haven’t presented proof of the guilt of the paramilitaries. This is not true either. We’ve presented proof not once but many times. And 11 years after the murders in Acteal they continue calling on us to present our statements, because they tell the judge or the public ministry that something is missing from the previous time. To the lawyers from CIDE we say that their clients are not the only victims of corruption in the justice system. They have had those witnesses who saw their loved ones die repeat time and again the terrible story with all the pain it causes their hearts. And in the end they say: “we need you to tell us again because the judge ordered a renewal of the proceedings.” We know that this is called “psychological torture.”

4) The communities of Chenalhó are ill at ease because for days rumors have been circulating that when their friends get out the paramilitaries who have been free this whole time are going to get those who sent their friends to jail. We hold the Supreme Court and all their accomplices, from Mr. Aguilar Camín, the CIDE lawyers and the government of Felipe Calderón responsible if the return of these 40 paramilitaries brings violence back to our municipality. We hold them responsible for the lives of the witnesses and any criminal act that these paramilitaries who they say are innocent commit.

5) We call on the country’s highest authorities to reflect on what they are doing. If organizations such as Las Abejas Civil Society, who reject violence as a means to defend our rights, tell them that the justice system and state institutions are completely on the side of the government accomplices, then, what path does that leave us? What hope do the Mexican people have? The government says that it is against violence but daily we see how it is the first to promote it.

6) In spite of this, we, the members of Las Abejas Civil Society declare that we are not going to take down our flag of peace and justice. We are going to continue fighting in a non-violent way. But we don’t have any faith in the government. Our faith is in the solidarity of civil society, in the blood of our martyrs which gives us strength to not abandon the struggle and in our god who is not deaf to the clamor of the poor and oppressed.

Yours faithfully,

The Voice of Las Abejas Civil Society
For the Board of Directors:
Sebastián Pérez Vázquez, President
Pedro Jiménez Arias, Vice President
Francisco Gómez Pérez, Treasurer
Francisco Pérez Gómez, Deputy Treasurer 


Let us remember all of those who passed away in Acteal:

1. María Pérez Oyalte, 43, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
2. Martha Capote Pérez, 12, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
3. Rosa Vázquez Luna, 24, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
4. Marcela Capote Ruiz, 29, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
5. Marcela Pucuj Luna, 67, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
6. Loida Ruiz Gómez, 6, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
7. Catalina Luna Pérez, 21, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
8. Manuela Pérez Moreno, 50, PRESENTE…AHORA..Y..SIEMPRE!!!
9. Manuel Santiz Culebra, 57, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
10. Margarita Méndez Paciencia, 23, PRESENTE..AHORA..Y..SIEMPRE!!!
11. Marcela Luna Ruiz, 35, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
12. Micaela Vázquez Pérez, 9, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
13. Josefa Vázquez Pérez, 5, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
14. Daniel Gomez Perez, 24, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
15. Seabastian Gómez Pérez, 9, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
16. Juana Pérez Pérez, 33, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
17. Maria Gómez Ruiz, 23, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
18. Victorio Vázquez Gómez, 22, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
19. Veronica Vázquez Luna, 22, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
20. Paulina Hernandez Vázquez, 22, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
21. Juana Pérez Luna, 9, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
22. Rosalina Gómez Hernández, 4, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
23. Lucia Méndez Capote, 7, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
24. Graciela Gómez Hernández, 3, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
25. Marcela Capote Vázquez, 15, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
26. Miguel Pérez Jiménez, 40, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
27. Susana Jiménez Luna, 17, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
28. Rosa Pérez Pérez, 33, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
29. Ignacio Pucuj Luna, 62, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
30. Maria Luna Méndez, 44, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
31. Alonso Vázquez Gómez, 46, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
32. Lorenzo Gómez Pérez, 46, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
33. María Capote Pérez, 16, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
34. Antonio Vázquez Luna, 17, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
35. Antonia Vázquez Pérez, 21, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
36. Marcela Vázquez Pérez, 26, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
37. Silvia Pérez Luna, 6, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
38. Vicente Méndez Capote, 5, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
39. Guadalupe Gómez Hernandez, 2, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
40. Micaela Vázquez Luna, 3, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
41. Juana Vázquez Luna, 1, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
42. Alejandro Pérez Luna, 15, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
43. Juana Luna Vázquez, 45, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
44. Juana Gómez Pérez, 51, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!
45. Juan Carlos Luna Pérez, 2, PRESENTE…AHORA…Y…SIEMPRE!!!

*** 58 children in 21 families left orphaned.
***10 children and 5 adults seriously wounded.

National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day

December 21, 2010
Every year on December 21st since 1990, The National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) has sponsored National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day to bring attention to the tragedy of homelessness in our country and to remember our homeless brothers and sisters that passed away due to our nation’s failure to end homelessness.

December 21st is not only the first day of winter but it is also the longest night of the year for our brothers and sisters who are sleeping in the streets. I like to take a moment of silence and remember all of the men, women, and children who died this past year………

All of the homeless people that passed away this year were someone’s brother, sister, sibling, mentor, teacher, husband, wife, co-worker or friend. The folks that passed away were HUMAN BEINGS and it is such a tragedy that we gather every year on this date to pay tribute to our SOUL-DIERS who were left to die in the streets. Many of the people that passed away struggled to be RECOGNIZED, RESPECTED, AND TREATED WITH DIGNITY. A nation that is so powerful like the United States and yet so powerless when it comes to respecting people’s human rights is clearly a tragedy.

Every day we have a chance to prevent a homeless person from “dying.” If we treat homeless people with RESPECT and DIGNITY we are not only acknowledging that they are human beings but in our interactions we are making them “live.” People die everyday of solitude. If we are able to shake people’s hands, have eye contact, call them by their first name, smile at them, pray for them, break bread with them, all of these gestures are saving homeless peoples’ lives every single day. It is important that when we encounter homeless people, we do everything possible to make them FEEL at HOME. We make people FEEL at HOME by acknowledging them. By calling them by their first name instead of homeless, drug addict, lazy bum. People are at HOME when they can see they are being respected and not judged at. We may not give every homeless person money or food but if we give them our time and if we listen to them, then we have done our part. In my experience with homeless people, I have found that listening to their experience is one of the greatest gifts that i can give them. There is nothing more fulfilling than taking some time of your schedule to listen to someone’s story. Let us do our part so that homeless people don’t die of solitude.

I wrote a poem about 6 years ago in honor of the homeless people that passed away without no one remembering them. It’s in Spanish, so I apologize for those who don’t read Spanish. I wrote it in Arica, Chile where I organized the first homeless candlelight vigil.


Lo mas terrible
que un ser humano
puede experimentar
morir de soledad.

Saber que no es
querido ni valorado
es algo a lo que los
se han acostumbrado.

A ser aislados
por nuestra sociedad
estilo de vida
es un cargo para la cuidad
ellos solamente han querido
vivir su vida en la tranquilidad
con personas que les entreguen
su amistad
y les den
la oportunidad
de salir de esta oscuridad
y encontrar la felicidad.

Les han robado
su derecho
de vivir
con dignidad
ya que nuestra sociedad
parece que no
se preocupa
de entregar
amor a la humanidad
y siento que les gusta
ver a los mas pobres
vivir en la oscuridad
porque si hubiera
justicia y solidaridad
muchos no estarian
viviendo en las calles
de esta ciudad,
pero de a poquito
ellos se van
moriendo de soledad.

Esta es la situacion
que vive un indigente
en el presente
y le da tristeza
ver a su propia gente
que la sociedad
les haiga
su mente.

Nuestra sociedad
ha ignorado
la filosofia
de ver
a Cristo disfrazado
en los mas necesitados
y uno no puede
tenerle fe a
San Alberto Hurtado
si no se preocupa
de ayudar
a los mas desamparados
ya que el dedico su vida
ayudando a los
mas marginados.

Nuestra labor
es no dejarlos que tengan
mucho dolor
si no que sepan
que hay gente
que les entrega
mucho amor
y asi podran vivir
su vida con mucha felicidad
porque cuando ellos mueran
podran morir
en la tranquilidad.

La proxima vez
que te encuentres
con un indigente
trata de llegar
a los mas profundo
de su corazon
y encontraras
a una persona
que te cambiara
tu modo de pensar
y no lo podras explicar
porque cada uno
lo tiene que experimentar.

L.A. Community Action Network

December 21, 2010
The Los Angeles Community Action Network had a very successful year in 2010. As a grass roots organization, it continues to empower local and community members to find the solutions to their own problems. In the spirit of the Black Panthers and the Zapatistas, L.A. CAN continues to be a leading local organization in the struggle for affordable housing in the city of Lost Angels. 

As 2010 comes to an end, we want to take this opportunity to ask for your financial contributions so that L.A. CAN can continue having victories in the most marginalize communities of Los Angeles. Please read the enclosed holiday appeal to find out the numerous success we had this year from creating Skid Row’s only roof top community garden to assisting thousands of low income residents to maintaining and improving their homes and communities. Any amount that people can give is very much appreciated.

If people want to be updated on the wonderful work that L.A. CAN does, please visit their blog at

Finally, I am proud to be a board member of this amazing grass roots organization. Below I added couple of pictures of some demonstrations that we have had throughout the year. Please take time to read our holiday appeal and give what you can so that we can continue to impact people’s lives and bring about change in our communities.



El Burrito Sabanero

December 21, 2010
No conosco ningun Mexicano, Latino o Chicano que no haiga escuchado El Burrito Sabanero. Esta cancion es una de mis favoritas canciones en tiempos Navidenos. Muchos dicen que El Burrito Sabanero es una cancion que nacio en Mexico y que la interpreta Pedrito Fernandez cuando era nino. Otros dicen que es de Colombia. Y otros intentan en poner a sus paises como duenos de esta cancion. Lo cierto es que El Burrito Sabanero ES BOLIVARIANO. Es decir, de Latino America Unida. Bolivariano porque el compositor de esta cancion es el gran Venezolano, Hugo Blanco. La cancion fue interpretada en 1976 por Ricardo Cuenci, a solo tan 8 anos. Ricardo en ese entonces era uno de los cantantes del grupo, La Rondallita, un grupo infantil venezolano.

El Burrito Sabanero es tambien una cancion que muestra lo bonito del folklore Venezolano. Es una cancion que muestra lo bello del Aguinaldo Venezolano. Esta cancion es tambien conocida como una evolucion del Villancico Europeo. El Villancico en otras palabras es simplemente musica Navidena. 

Esta cancion es una cancion que alegra a muchos corazones. Es una cancion que nos une y muestra el espiritu Navideno.

Aqui esta la version que quiero compartir con ustedes. El video me hizo reir, espero que ha ustedes tambien. La vida es para gozarla y hay que disfrutarla.

Tuqui Tuqui Tuqui…Tuqui Tuqui Tuqui..Tu.

Happy Birthday, Leonardo Boff

December 15, 2010
Happy Birthday Leonardo!!!

Leonardo Boff is one of the famous liberation theologians of our time. Leonardo Boff was born on December 14, 1938 in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil. In 1959, he entered the Franciscan Order and five years after was ordained a priest. One can say that Leonardo Boff and Gustavo Gutierrez put liberation theology on the map. They were one of the first priests who not only talked about liberation theology but have continue to demonstrate the power and beauty of liberation theology through their actions.

Leonardo has always been a man of faith and one who speaks his mind even if it means criticizing his own church. He is not one to shy away from his beliefs. I admire Leonardo Boff for the role that he has played at taking shots at the Catholic Church hiearchy. Before the Pope took over the Catholic Church, he was Cardinal Ratzinger, and here is what Leonardo had to say about him, “A cardinal like Ratzinger who publishes an official paper stating that the only true Church is the Catholic Church, and the others aren’t even churches, that the only legitimate religion is Catholicism and the others don’t even possess a faith, being just beliefs, perpetrates religious terrorism, besides being a grave theological error.” This is the same man who is leading the Catholic Church. As much as I am proud of being a Catholic, I am one of a different sort. 
In the spirit of liberation theology, I am the type of Catholic who is not afraid to criticize my church. I’m the type of Catholic that let’s it be known that the Catholic Church is one of the organizations who preaches human rights but yet it is willing to continue oppressing women. I long for the day when women will be “Cardinal’s,” when a women will no longer just do the administrative part or janitorial part of the church, but can one day stand in front of the church on a sunday afternoon and give Mass and provide us with a beautiful homily. I long for the day when my generation will stand tall and witness the celebration of the first women becoming the MOM (I couldn’t come up with a better translation for Pope) of the Catholic Church. Most importantly, I am the type of Catholic who continues to be inspire by the Gospel of Love, Understanding, Kinship, Compassion, Justice and Liberation. A church that does not stand on the side of the poor and most marginalized is a church that does not represent my vision of the “Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Leonardo has been a very vocal critic of the U.S. foreign policy. In an interview regarding his thoughts on the September 11 attacks, he said, “”For me, the terrorist attack of September 11 represents the shift towards a new humanitarian and world model. The targeted buildings sent a message: a new world civilization cannot be built with the kind of dominating economy (symbolized by the World Trade Center), with the kind of death machine set up (the Pentagon) and with the kind of arrogant politics and producer of many exclusions (…) For me the system and culture of capital began to collapse. They are too destructive.” In that same interview he went on to say that “one of the worst fundamentalisms is that of neoliberalism.”

Leonardo continues to stay true to his liberation theology roots but now doing its a lay person.

For those who want to know more about who this amazing man is, I have included couple of his interviews to give you and idea who this great human being is.

Here is a Spanish interview where Leonardo talks about liberation theology.

Here is Boff explaining his 4 ecologies

Leonardo Boff was the recipient of the 2001 Right Livelihood Award aka the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize. Below is his amazing speech.

Acceptance Speech by
Leonardo Boff
December 7th, 2001


Madam Speaker,
Your Excellencies,
Distinguished Guests,
and Friends.

More than just a person, the Right Livelihood Award awards a cause. What is the cause that moves a whole generation of Christians in the Third World, in which I find myself as a Brazilian theologian, on the periphery of the big metropolitan centers of reflection, for more than 30 years? It is the cause of the condemned of the Earth, who account for most of mankind.

At the end of the sixties, an entire generation of Christians and theologians wondered and still wonder: how can we announce the love and mercy of God to millions who starve and are condemned to be non-humans? Only announcing a vivid and liberating God, allied with the poor and the excluded, can we, without cynicism and in truth, say: He is effectively a good and merciful God. The words of the Exodus were updated for our generation: “I have heard the oppression of my people, I have heard their screams of affliction, I have known their suffering. I have come down to free them…Now go, for I send you to free my people” (Ex 3, 7-10). Those words were addressed to each one of us, to each church, to each conscience which is minimally ethical and humanitarian.

In the seventies, the oppressed were the economic poor, and, for the minimum conditions of life and work, a process of social and political liberation, in the light of faith, was engendered.

In the eighties, the blacks and Indians emerged as the historical oppressed of our peoples, and were encouraged to be subjects of their own liberation.

In the nineties, the emphasis was on the singularity of the oppression of women, who have been subjugated for millennia to the patriarchal system and made invisible in the society. They try to be subjects of history in the same position as men, different and complementary.

All those people scream for life and freedom. Important sections of the historical churches have organized to respond to the scream of the oppressed. And they have done so by the liberating praxis of the grassroots church communities (only in my country there are more than one thousand of them), of the countless centers for defense of the human rights, of the social pastorates for land, housing, health, education and security, through the liberating reading of the Bible done by the poor themselves.

The reflection which has come out of this praxis is called liberation theology. It is the theology of all churches that took the problem of the poor and the excluded seriously. And because of that, it is present not only in Latin America, but also in Africa, in Asia and in the groups committed to the feminist cause and the ecology in the central countries.

The theology of liberation successfully tried to show that the Jewish Christian faith can be an element of social mobilization in function of deep changes in society which can bring more justice, more participation and more dignity to the unjustly humiliated. A Christian, because he or she is a Christian, can be a real libertarian. We are heirs of someone who, because of his announcement and praxis of liberation was persecuted, jailed, tortured and crucified. His resurrection means an insurrection against this world order which legitimatize prejudices, sacralizes privileges and makes the common living based on justice, caring and compassion impossible.

Not only do the poor scream, but also the water, the animals, the forests, the soils, that is, the Earth as a living super organism, called Gaia. They scream because they are continuously attacked. They scream because their autonomy and intrinsic value are not recognized. They scream because they are threatened with extinction. Every day around 10 species of living beings disappear as a result of man’s increasing aggressiveness in the contemporary industrial process.

The same logic explores the classes and subjugates nations, preys upon ecosystems and enfeebles the planet Earth. The Earth, with its impoverished sons and daughters, needs liberation. We all live oppressed under a paradigm of civilization that has exiled us from the community of life, which is related to violence against Nature and which makes us lose the reverence for the sacredness and majesty of the Universe. We have forgotten that we are only a link in the immense current of life and that we are co-responsible for the common destiny of mankind and Earth. 

An ecological theology was born out of these perceptions. According to this theology, social injustice becomes ecological injustice because it affects the human beings and the society which are part and parcel of Nature. An environmental theology which cares only for the environment is not enough. We need a social ecology that can re-educate the human being to live and connect cooperatively and fraternally with Nature.

We have made too many interventions in and against Nature. We have modified the physical and chemical basis of Earth. What we urgently need is to modify our mind-set. If we want to save the biosphere and guarantee a prosperous future for all, we need a mental and spiritual ecology. We have too much arrogance in our minds, too much desire for power as domination and tendencies to prejudice, subjugate and destroy others. The project of the technological science that has brought so many benefits to human life has also allowed the birth of the principle of self-destruction. The already-built death machine can devastate all biosphere and make the planetary human project impossible. We need to create, for our turn, the principle of mutual responsibility and caring for all that is and all that lives.

This time we have no Noah’s Ark to save some and let the others perish. We want to save ourselves together.

We need to disembowel tendencies that are also present in our minds: solidarity, compassion, caring, communion and loving. Such values and inner powers can lay the foundation of a new paradigm of civilization, the civilization of the humanity reunited in the Common House, on the Planet Earth.

To live such dimensions means to live the true human spirituality. And this spirituality is not monopoly of religions or churches, but the deepest dimensions of the human being. By means of it, we can perceive that all things in the Universe are not just juxtaposed, but inter and retro- connected . One link connects and re-connects everything, consisting of the sacred unity of the Universe. This secret link is the primitive source of all being. It is what all religions call God.

My effort in the last 30 years, as an integral theologian of liberation was to think and re-think, life and pass on this message: Earth and mankind constitute of just one reality. In fact, we human beings are the Earth itself that feels, thinks, loves and venerates. We have the same origin and the same destiny. We are summoned to be not Earth’s Satan, but its good Angel. We have reached the crossroads in which we should decide on the future we want. Our mission is to celebrate the greatness of Creation and connect it again to the Core where it came from and to where it will go, with care, lightness, joy, reverence and love.

I thank you the Right Livelihood Award which has consecrated this perspective, because it was seen as beneficent to the future of the poor, of humanity and the system Earth.

Thank you very much.

La Virgen de Guadalupe

December 12, 2010

Como cualquier otro mexicano, cada 12 de Diciembre, me levanto temprano para darle a la Virgen de Guadalupe sus mananitas. La Virgen de Guadalupe no solo es un simbolo mexicano sino es la imagen de las Americas. Nuestra Virgencita es una llena de amor y esperanza. Es una donde nos alimenta de fe y nos sostiene de esperanza.

La Virgen de Guadalupe siempre ha estado presente en las luchas sociales. Siempre ha estado al lado de su pueblo. En la misma manera que se le aparecio a Juan Diego, nuestra Virgencita sigue estando al lado de los mas necesitados y en las luchas de los indigenas.

Su imagen es una donde la gente se acerca y le reza cuando embarca en nuevos senderos. Es la Virgen que los immigrantes le rezan para que les vaya bien en tierras lejanas. Es ella donde muchos vamos para tener un tiempo de silencio, un tiempo de reflexion, un momento de levantar nuestros animos en tiempos dificiles y es nuestra virgencita que nos sigue cobijando con su amor y esperanza.

Aqui les dejo con unas de mis mejores canciones:

Nuestra Virgencita tambien es Revolucionaria. La Virgen de Guadalupe como todos los mexicanos y simpatizantes de los zapatistas siempre estara en el movimiento zapatista. Esta es la imagen de la Virgen Zapatista.

Amir Khan Survives the 10th Round to Win a Unanimous Decision

December 12, 2010
Boxing fans have been waiting for this fight for over a year and last night, Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana, provided boxing fans with one of the most exciting boxing fights of the year.

From the opening bell, when Amir decided to tip his glove to Maidana’s and Marcos refused, I knew at that moment that it was going to be a war. I was surprised to see Amir Khan’s blazing hand speed. I knew that Khan was fast but last night, I was blown away. Not only was I surprised at his hand speed but when he knocked Maidana down with a left hook to the body, I started thinking that this was going to be short fight.

By the 2nd round, Maidana came out fighting more cautiously, with his elbows down, protecting his body. His game plan had taken another direction and was fighting the 2nd round with more cautious. Amir’s speed is just insane. He landed couple of combinations and a serious of jabs.

The 3rd and 4th round, appeared to have Marcos Maidana coming back to his rhythm. He landed some vicious blows on Khan and some great uppercuts in the 3rd round. In the 4th round, Maidana connected some huge right upper cuts on Khan. At one point, he pressed Khan to the ropes but Khan decided to go back in the middle of the ring and landed some good combos but not enough to win the round.

The 5th round, Khan started good but Maidana landed a good left hook then came back with a right one. Maidana kept pressuring Khan and Khan was not backing away. Referee, Joe Cortez, took a point away when Maidana threw an elbow and hit Cortez. Although, what Maidana did wasn’t right. I thought Cortez should have given him a warning instead of just deducting a point away from Maidana. Had it not been for the point deduction, I would’ve had Maidana winning the round, instead it became a 10-8 round for Khan.

The 6th and 7th rounds were for Maidana in my scorecard. Maidana just kept moving forward. He landed some huge uppercuts on Khan in both rounds and just kept pressuring him.

The 8th and 9th were Khan rounds. It appeared that Marcos Maidana had slowed things a bit on this round. The 8th round, Amir Khan goes to his jabs and some uppercuts to win the round. The 9th round, more of the same but with Khan appearing to gain momentum.

The 10th round is my choice for round of the year. For those who are not boxing fans, I highly recommend watching the 10th round of this fight when it makes it to you tube. This round was AMAZING!!! Marcos Maidana landed a huge right that rocked Amir Khan and for the remainder of the round, Maidana is just unleashing huge bombs, and going for the kill. There were moments where Amir was trying to hold onto Maidana and he just kept hitting Khan. I didn’t like when the referee came in couple of times to separate them when they could have easily kept it going. My friends and I were going nuts. We could see the knock out coming. I was looking for another right hook to connect. How Amir Khan survived that round, I don’t know. He was just destroyed and still able to stand on his two feet. I really feel that Cortez coming in couple of times provided Khan the breathing room that he needed because had it not been for Cortez stepping in couple of times, I really think Khan would have been knocked down.

As round 11 began, I’m thinking that Maidana is going to go for the kill in this round. But, surprisingly, Amir Khan comes off throwing good combos and landing couple uppercuts on his own. Maidana makes a strong finish towards the end of the minutes and I have Maidana pulling this round off.

The 12th round, Marcos “El Chino” Maidana comes out swinging and connecting. Maidana uses his uppercuts and connecting. Hard blows to Khan’s body. Maidana lands some huge right bombs on Khan, Amir still standing. Khan then unleashes some final combos as the fight is about to come to an end. Marcos Maidana clearly started this round connecting and even though Khan try to make up for it at the end of the round, it was too late. I had Maidana winning this round.

This was an amazing fight. I can watch this fight again and still feel the same adrenaline. This is boxing at its best. Two judges scored it 114-111 and the 3rd had it 113-112 for Khan who survives a beat down to win a unanimous decision. I had it 113-112 for Marcos Maidana.

Had it not been for the 1st round knock down and the point deducted in the 5th round, we might have had a legit draw, not like the one that was called in the Ortiz vs Peterson fight. This was an amazing fight and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Although, I think we would have to wait for about a year to see the rematch. If the rematch doesn’t happen towards the end of 2011, I think we should expect to see it at some point around March or April of 2012.

Here is the full fight for those who didn’t get to see it. You are in for an amazing ride. Enjoy it.
Here is the 10th round if you want to see the epic 10th round. Enjoy it.

Victor Ortiz and Lamont Peterson fight to a surprisingly majority draw

December 12, 2010
Last night’s fight, Victor Ortiz and Lamont Peterson fought to a surprisingly majority decision draw.  Many boxing insiders were shocked at the judges decision. One judge had it 95-93 for Peterson, while the other two had it 94-94. ESPN’s Dan Rafael and HBO’s Harold Lederman both had it 97-91 for Ortiz. I had the fight 98-90 for Ortiz.

Victor Ortiz came into the ring at 156lbs while Peterson came in at 149lbs. In the first round, Ortiz suffered a left cut on the sideline after an accidental head butt. Ortiz looked very fast and comfortable at that weight. I was surprising to see him use his footwork and how he was able to control that ring. In the 3rd round, Ortiz became more aggressive and knocked down Peterson twice. Lamont appeared to be badly hurt and for a moment, it looked like this fight was going to go past the 4th round. But, Peterson was able to overcome those two knockdowns and boxed his way into the fight.

The 5th and 6th round, Peterson used his boxing skills to out boxed Ortiz. Throughout the fight, Ortiz appeared to have difficulty adjusting to Lamont Petersons’ boxing style. He would try to creep in and land couple of shots but there were times that Peterson’s counter punches would catch Ortiz.

I had Ortiz winning rounds 7-10th as he appeared to be the most aggressive fighter. Peterson did landed some good power punches in some of those rounds and in the 9th landed a great right power punch to Ortiz chin that he was able to take it in stride.

Both fighter fought a great fight but there is no way that this fight should have been a draw. I really think that Ortiz won the fight by at least couple of rounds. The judges for this fight were terrible.

Amir Khan vs Marcos Maidana Pre Fight Analysis

December 12, 2010
Finally, the day has come for the fight that many boxing fans have been waiting for. In paper, this looks to be a potential fight of the year candidate. We have Khan, the speedster boxer, going against one of boxing’s best power punchers in Maidana.

I expect Khan to start the first round trying to study Maidana and using his jab while I feel Maidana will try to get a feel of Khan’s speed. If Maidana is able to fight at a pace where Khan’s speed is not affecting him and he is able to land some body shots and his right hooks early in the fight, I feel that Khan might get uncomfortable and will try to do too much, therefore falling into Maidana’s type of fight and losing his belt.

The key to the fight is who sticks to their game plan the most. In fights like these, the boxer who makes couple mistakes, the other one will capitalize on them. I really don’t think Khan will make a fight in the beginning and go toe to toe as he said he would. He would be dumb if he would go toe to toe with Maidana in the beginning. But, then again, with most of his supporters in the crowd, he may feel the adrenaline going and try to prove that he can go to war with Maidana. If he ends up doing that, I really think, we can see Khan vs Prescott all over again.

Khan will try to use his speed and his jabs to try to outbox Maidana. On the other hand, I do feel that Maidana should try to close the ring on Khan and make him fight his type of fight. If he is able to make Khan fight rather than box, we are in for a treat. I just don’t think that Maidana will win this fight if it becomes a boxing match. If he is able to make it a fight then it benefits him. I want to see Maidana test Khan’s chin. I want to see if Khan is able to handle Maidana’s power punches.

As much as I want to both fighters go toe to toe, I have a feeling that Khan will make it a boxing match and if that is the case, I see him winning a split decision. But, if Maidana is able to make it a fight and is able to land some of his power punches, we should see a knockout sometime around the 10-11th round.

I really want Maidana to win but I just feel that Amir Khan is going to keep his belt given that he is going to make a boxing match. But, I won’t be surprised if Maidana knocks out Khan.