I am not surprised that the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, will be the subject of hate mail, death threats, anti-American, etc. The U.S. will continue to prevent the other cables from being published saying it’s a threat to “democracy” and it will affect the way they handle global issues with other countries, and will try to put pressure on other countries like Sweden, to arrest him for allegations of rape. I feel that Assange’s life in the upcoming days, if not weeks, will be written about to distract the public from the real message here. The mainstream media are going to do everything in their power to portray Assange as this criminal, “cyber terrorist”, Anti-American, etc. We already have Sarah Palin stating to hunt him down like Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders. Sarah is going to use this story to try to make some political points and demonstrate that she is a presidential candidate. In reality, her and the right wing of this country are going to try to put the blame on the Obama Administration and start saying that he is not ready to lead and how incompetent his administration is and all kinds of other nonsense. This is not about the Obama Administration or about the Bush Administration. This is about a system that has been exposed. It’s about the world now seeing with their own eyes, how the games of Washington are played. It’s like Washington being the biggest drug cartel in the world and they had all these tunnels over the world and someone just found couple tunnels and now it has exposed this cartel. Some people may not like the comparison to a cartel, but oh, well, that’s the first thing that came to mind.

I think what we have here is now that these cables are out and demonstrates the U.S. as the spies of the world and trying to get personal information from everyone even the United Nations Staff. This sends a message to world diplomats that the U.S. is not someone to trust. If I was a representative of the United Nations, this information is truly catastrophic. I would hold emergency sessions such as countries do when they are on the verge of going to war and bring this issue with other countries. I would have the countries of the world question the U.S. over this information. Just the same way, the U.S. likes to have UN Resolutions, I would say that countries adopt a UN Resolution and question the U.S. diplomats on why they were spying on the UN officials, who was behind this, who gave the orders, etc. I think in light of this, maybe countries can come together and start brainstorming where would be a better site to have the U.N. Headquarters. Maybe Brazil. Maybe India. Maybe somewhere in Africa, Asia or Latin America.

I respect Wikileaks for allowing the public to see all this information. In a “democratic” country where we value our “freedom,” I think it is in the best interest for the people to find out how our country has been doing business with other countries. We want to know the stuff that goes behinds close doors to have an understanding on how deals are made or treaties get signed. There is nothing criminal with letting the public know about the scandalous work that goes on in Washington.

I want to see all the cables come out. I want to see what other information is out there that we need to know. I will say this. I hope the U.S. does not send someone to kill Julian Assange. First, it will be too obvious that he was killed for publishing this info. And, if something bad would happen to him, all eyes would point to Washington. In my eyes and in the eyes of many, Julian has done a very courageous act. For believing in the freedom of information and letting ordinary folks see the stuff that Washington has been doing for a long time. For those who want to see the cables go to


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