Canelo Alvarez vs Ndou Pre Fight Analysis

Tonight’s fight between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez against Lovemore Ndou will be for Canelo’s WBC Silver Junior Welterweight Title. I don’t understand why the fight is not for Ndou’s IBO Welterweight belt. Canelo had stated that he would want to win his first world championship belt in the welterweight division. By having this fight be for Ndou’s IBO belt, Canelo could have had the opportunity to win the IBO belt. I’m thinking that even though Canelo wants to win his first belt at 147 he has difficulty making the 147 weight limit even if his trainers say otherwise.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez for this fight weighed in at 149.6 lbs (the fight is being fought at 150), while Ndou weighed in at 148.9 pounds. Ndou is an okay boxer who has a great resume in his boxing career but looking at some of his fights, the losses that he has had, he has lost those fights because his opponents have been able to out box him. I mean if he lost to Paul Malignaggi twice; it shows me that he can be out box easily.

Ndou is not that much of a skilled boxer. He does have some power but doesn’t have a great defense. This is also true with Canelo. The advantage that Canelo has is that he is fighting in Mexico, he is 19 years younger than Ndou, has power in both hands and is the upcoming superstar in not only Mexico but is clearly one of the boxers to look out for in 2011. I want to see if Canelo has been able to improve his defense. He still lacks a good defense. If he is able to demonstrate that his defense has improved and if he can counter punch Ndou from the beginning and land some of his power punches, we may see a short fight.

The question is how much can a boxer of Ndou’s caliber do at the age of 39. We saw in Canelo’s last fight against Baldomir, who also at the age of 39, couldn’t handle Canelo’s speed and power. If Canelo puts pressure from the beginning, works the body and throws his left hook followed by a straight right hand punch then come back with his vicious left hook, I don’t see this fight going past the 8th round.

A win against Ndou just gives Canelo a good name to add to his resume and should position him for the bigger fights in 2011. I personally would like Canelo to fight Andre Berto in 2011. That should be an interesting fight. But, first, he has to take care of Ndou.

I understand that this fight is for Canelo’s WBC Silver Junior Welterweight Belt but I am not a big fan of WBC’s Silver Belts. To me is just a bunch of nonsense to have belts that don’t mean anything. The only reason that I can think of why having a silver belt may mean something is because WBC would get a sanctioning fee from the titleholder and it might boost the ego of the boxer by saying he is the titleholder of a “silver” belt. Boxing looses its credibility when you make up belts and add catch weights to championship fights. I am not a fan of boxers who win championship fights at a catch weight. It defeats the whole purpose of having different divisions. Catch weights should be used only under non championship fights or as last minute replacements. 

I hope Canelo can give a great performance and demonstrate that he is ready for the big fights in 2011. It will be interesting to see how he starts the first round. The earlier he is able to get a rhythm and figure out Ndou, the quicker this fight is going to be. I don’t expect this fight to go past the 8th round but I am going to go for Canelo being the first boxer to knock out Ndou sometime between the 6th and 7th round.

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