Canelo Alvarez Wins Unanimous Decision over Ndou

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez dominated Lovemore Ndou tonight as he won a unanimous decision in Veracruz, Mexico. The judges had it, 119-109, 120-108, 120-108. I had it 119-109. I gave the first round to Lovemore. I give credit to Lovemore who was able to take all the punches that Canelo landed. It looked like Canelo at times tried to knock out Ndou in the first couple of rounds but towards the end it felt like he was taking his time and being more careful. Ndou did look to me all his age. The fact that he lasted all the 12 rounds is a testament to his well condition.

Sometimes it’s not about knocking your opponent but how you look in all the 12 rounds that counts. Canelo throughout the fight demonstrated his power, his combos, his speed and his youth. I think he boxed a great fight although it looked like it was on cruise control after the 2nd round. I didn’t see a round where Ndou had any chance. He did landed couple of shots but he received a lot of punishment and was able to take every canelo punch landed without any difficulty.

I hope Canelo next opponent will be someone near his age. I give Canelo two more fights to fight someone like Andre Berto. I would love to see a Canelo vs Berto fight sometime in September of next year.

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