Amir Khan Survives the 10th Round to Win a Unanimous Decision

Boxing fans have been waiting for this fight for over a year and last night, Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana, provided boxing fans with one of the most exciting boxing fights of the year.

From the opening bell, when Amir decided to tip his glove to Maidana’s and Marcos refused, I knew at that moment that it was going to be a war. I was surprised to see Amir Khan’s blazing hand speed. I knew that Khan was fast but last night, I was blown away. Not only was I surprised at his hand speed but when he knocked Maidana down with a left hook to the body, I started thinking that this was going to be short fight.

By the 2nd round, Maidana came out fighting more cautiously, with his elbows down, protecting his body. His game plan had taken another direction and was fighting the 2nd round with more cautious. Amir’s speed is just insane. He landed couple of combinations and a serious of jabs.

The 3rd and 4th round, appeared to have Marcos Maidana coming back to his rhythm. He landed some vicious blows on Khan and some great uppercuts in the 3rd round. In the 4th round, Maidana connected some huge right upper cuts on Khan. At one point, he pressed Khan to the ropes but Khan decided to go back in the middle of the ring and landed some good combos but not enough to win the round.

The 5th round, Khan started good but Maidana landed a good left hook then came back with a right one. Maidana kept pressuring Khan and Khan was not backing away. Referee, Joe Cortez, took a point away when Maidana threw an elbow and hit Cortez. Although, what Maidana did wasn’t right. I thought Cortez should have given him a warning instead of just deducting a point away from Maidana. Had it not been for the point deduction, I would’ve had Maidana winning the round, instead it became a 10-8 round for Khan.

The 6th and 7th rounds were for Maidana in my scorecard. Maidana just kept moving forward. He landed some huge uppercuts on Khan in both rounds and just kept pressuring him.

The 8th and 9th were Khan rounds. It appeared that Marcos Maidana had slowed things a bit on this round. The 8th round, Amir Khan goes to his jabs and some uppercuts to win the round. The 9th round, more of the same but with Khan appearing to gain momentum.

The 10th round is my choice for round of the year. For those who are not boxing fans, I highly recommend watching the 10th round of this fight when it makes it to you tube. This round was AMAZING!!! Marcos Maidana landed a huge right that rocked Amir Khan and for the remainder of the round, Maidana is just unleashing huge bombs, and going for the kill. There were moments where Amir was trying to hold onto Maidana and he just kept hitting Khan. I didn’t like when the referee came in couple of times to separate them when they could have easily kept it going. My friends and I were going nuts. We could see the knock out coming. I was looking for another right hook to connect. How Amir Khan survived that round, I don’t know. He was just destroyed and still able to stand on his two feet. I really feel that Cortez coming in couple of times provided Khan the breathing room that he needed because had it not been for Cortez stepping in couple of times, I really think Khan would have been knocked down.

As round 11 began, I’m thinking that Maidana is going to go for the kill in this round. But, surprisingly, Amir Khan comes off throwing good combos and landing couple uppercuts on his own. Maidana makes a strong finish towards the end of the minutes and I have Maidana pulling this round off.

The 12th round, Marcos “El Chino” Maidana comes out swinging and connecting. Maidana uses his uppercuts and connecting. Hard blows to Khan’s body. Maidana lands some huge right bombs on Khan, Amir still standing. Khan then unleashes some final combos as the fight is about to come to an end. Marcos Maidana clearly started this round connecting and even though Khan try to make up for it at the end of the round, it was too late. I had Maidana winning this round.

This was an amazing fight. I can watch this fight again and still feel the same adrenaline. This is boxing at its best. Two judges scored it 114-111 and the 3rd had it 113-112 for Khan who survives a beat down to win a unanimous decision. I had it 113-112 for Marcos Maidana.

Had it not been for the 1st round knock down and the point deducted in the 5th round, we might have had a legit draw, not like the one that was called in the Ortiz vs Peterson fight. This was an amazing fight and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Although, I think we would have to wait for about a year to see the rematch. If the rematch doesn’t happen towards the end of 2011, I think we should expect to see it at some point around March or April of 2012.

Here is the full fight for those who didn’t get to see it. You are in for an amazing ride. Enjoy it.
Here is the 10th round if you want to see the epic 10th round. Enjoy it.

5 Responses to “Amir Khan Survives the 10th Round to Win a Unanimous Decision”

  1. BoxingNut Says:

    This was a great fight in a year that didn’t have a clear Fight of the Year candidate. Until now. It was very close, and that point deduction was the difference…if not this ends in a draw. I definitely want to see a rematch.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with you. I wonder had it not been for the body shot that Maidana received in the 1st round, the point deduction in the 5th round and Joe Cortez helping Khan in the 10th round, we would have seen a different fight. Maidana is a straight out gamer. I think had he not received the body shot, he would not have been that tired in the late rounds. Imagine a Maidana that has a little bit more gas in his tank and fighting that 10th round. I am almost certain that Khan doesn’t make it past the 11th round.

  3. Pedro Barajas Says:

    You forgot to mention one item Victor, I thought that Cortez was going to warn MM regarding his elbow but that wasnt the case he deducted a pt, and i dont recall HBO commentarys saying anything about a warning, WOW, LET THEM FIGHT JOE

  4. Cease Says:

    I dont know I think Khan won and showed grit. Maidana won the last couple of rounds but not enough for the win. Up next Brandley vs Alexander. I think Alexander should be able to take it, Bradley is a good boxer but lacks power.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, Cortez should have warned Maidana about the elbow, that ended being the difference. Khan did impressed me. Cortez should have let Maidana do his thing in the 10th round. I also think that Alexander should come on top. If Bradley loses and fights Maidana, I give it to Maidana.

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