Amir Khan vs Marcos Maidana Pre Fight Analysis

Finally, the day has come for the fight that many boxing fans have been waiting for. In paper, this looks to be a potential fight of the year candidate. We have Khan, the speedster boxer, going against one of boxing’s best power punchers in Maidana.

I expect Khan to start the first round trying to study Maidana and using his jab while I feel Maidana will try to get a feel of Khan’s speed. If Maidana is able to fight at a pace where Khan’s speed is not affecting him and he is able to land some body shots and his right hooks early in the fight, I feel that Khan might get uncomfortable and will try to do too much, therefore falling into Maidana’s type of fight and losing his belt.

The key to the fight is who sticks to their game plan the most. In fights like these, the boxer who makes couple mistakes, the other one will capitalize on them. I really don’t think Khan will make a fight in the beginning and go toe to toe as he said he would. He would be dumb if he would go toe to toe with Maidana in the beginning. But, then again, with most of his supporters in the crowd, he may feel the adrenaline going and try to prove that he can go to war with Maidana. If he ends up doing that, I really think, we can see Khan vs Prescott all over again.

Khan will try to use his speed and his jabs to try to outbox Maidana. On the other hand, I do feel that Maidana should try to close the ring on Khan and make him fight his type of fight. If he is able to make Khan fight rather than box, we are in for a treat. I just don’t think that Maidana will win this fight if it becomes a boxing match. If he is able to make it a fight then it benefits him. I want to see Maidana test Khan’s chin. I want to see if Khan is able to handle Maidana’s power punches.

As much as I want to both fighters go toe to toe, I have a feeling that Khan will make it a boxing match and if that is the case, I see him winning a split decision. But, if Maidana is able to make it a fight and is able to land some of his power punches, we should see a knockout sometime around the 10-11th round.

I really want Maidana to win but I just feel that Amir Khan is going to keep his belt given that he is going to make a boxing match. But, I won’t be surprised if Maidana knocks out Khan.

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