Victor Ortiz and Lamont Peterson fight to a surprisingly majority draw

Last night’s fight, Victor Ortiz and Lamont Peterson fought to a surprisingly majority decision draw.  Many boxing insiders were shocked at the judges decision. One judge had it 95-93 for Peterson, while the other two had it 94-94. ESPN’s Dan Rafael and HBO’s Harold Lederman both had it 97-91 for Ortiz. I had the fight 98-90 for Ortiz.

Victor Ortiz came into the ring at 156lbs while Peterson came in at 149lbs. In the first round, Ortiz suffered a left cut on the sideline after an accidental head butt. Ortiz looked very fast and comfortable at that weight. I was surprising to see him use his footwork and how he was able to control that ring. In the 3rd round, Ortiz became more aggressive and knocked down Peterson twice. Lamont appeared to be badly hurt and for a moment, it looked like this fight was going to go past the 4th round. But, Peterson was able to overcome those two knockdowns and boxed his way into the fight.

The 5th and 6th round, Peterson used his boxing skills to out boxed Ortiz. Throughout the fight, Ortiz appeared to have difficulty adjusting to Lamont Petersons’ boxing style. He would try to creep in and land couple of shots but there were times that Peterson’s counter punches would catch Ortiz.

I had Ortiz winning rounds 7-10th as he appeared to be the most aggressive fighter. Peterson did landed some good power punches in some of those rounds and in the 9th landed a great right power punch to Ortiz chin that he was able to take it in stride.

Both fighter fought a great fight but there is no way that this fight should have been a draw. I really think that Ortiz won the fight by at least couple of rounds. The judges for this fight were terrible.

One Response to “Victor Ortiz and Lamont Peterson fight to a surprisingly majority draw”

  1. Pedro Barajas Says:

    Well very good fight l agree with some of your points regarding this battle of attrition and the judges decision which is not to surprisingly with today’s boxing politics anyway on to the fight Victor Ortiz is a potential superstar in the makin but in his current status he has a cloud hovering over him of frustration, pressure, overexposure and expectations to accomplish what Oscar did , he was call the next Oscar by Oscar thats a label VO can not shake and unfair to a young man. VO is a punisher-boxer first he is in love with his power and has the mentality that he could KO everyone but his latest opponents know this already . The first couple of rounds VO had LP on the ropes and in trouble but couldnt finish him because he still gave LP respect i dont know why he didnt jump on him. VO is a very good fighter but LP is a very good boxer thats why it became a MD, i do agree with the Judges gerardo because VO took his pedal off the gas in the late rounds and decided to have a decision and play it safe VO was being outbox and getting frustated that he couldnt land a big on , instead of boxing LP he was still try to knock ot LP with no avail.IM not a VO fan at this point of his career, if i was team VO get him a rematch with MAIDEN quick. I will bet they will regress by fighting some chump in his next fight, i think KAHN , BRADLEY take him apart and probably knock him out. The next OSCAR well we just have to hold are breath to that, VO is in his own cocoon right noe fighting all those expectiations that golden boy stamp on him will he blossom into a butterfly……only time will tell.

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