Victor Ortiz vs Lamont Peterson Pre Fight Analysis

Tonight’s fight between Lamont Peterson and Victor Ortiz should be a great fight to get us ready for the main event between Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana. Lamont Peterson is a great boxer who won the respect of the fans when he fought a great fight against Timothy Bradley. Even though he lost that fight, he established himself as a solid junior welterweight boxer.

Victor Ortiz has been looking great in every one of his fights since his lost to Marcos Maidana. Victor has a lot going on in this fight. A win against Peterson could potentially put him up to face the winner vs Khan and Maidana. A lost against Peterson would put his chances of fighting for a title next year until 2012.

This fight as well as the Khan vs Maidana is your typical boxer vs puncher fight. The boxer in this case is Lamont Peterson and the puncher is Victor Ortiz. It will be very interesting to see how the first round unfolds. I think Ortiz has to fight smart with Peterson. I wouldn’t recommend Ortiz to go toe to toe with Peterson in the early rounds. If he lands those left hooks and those hard body shots on Peterson, I think Peterson would eventually get tired in the late rounds. I don’t expect Victor Ortiz to knock out Peterson. But, if he were to get a knockout, I think it would come somewhere between the 8-10th round. If this fight becomes a boxing match, I expect Ortiz to win a very close decision. If it becomes a brawl, which I doubt it, I expect Ortiz to win around the 9th round.

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