L.A. Community Action Network

The Los Angeles Community Action Network had a very successful year in 2010. As a grass roots organization, it continues to empower local and community members to find the solutions to their own problems. In the spirit of the Black Panthers and the Zapatistas, L.A. CAN continues to be a leading local organization in the struggle for affordable housing in the city of Lost Angels. 

As 2010 comes to an end, we want to take this opportunity to ask for your financial contributions so that L.A. CAN can continue having victories in the most marginalize communities of Los Angeles. Please read the enclosed holiday appeal to find out the numerous success we had this year from creating Skid Row’s only roof top community garden to assisting thousands of low income residents to maintaining and improving their homes and communities. Any amount that people can give is very much appreciated.

If people want to be updated on the wonderful work that L.A. CAN does, please visit their blog at http://cangress.wordpress.com/

Finally, I am proud to be a board member of this amazing grass roots organization. Below I added couple of pictures of some demonstrations that we have had throughout the year. Please take time to read our holiday appeal and give what you can so that we can continue to impact people’s lives and bring about change in our communities.



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