Bradley vs Alexander Pre Fight Analysis

The time has come for boxing fans to watch one of the most anticipating fights of the year. Timothy Bradley and Devon Alexander had their official weigh in today. Bradley came in at a rock solid 139.5 lbs, while Alexander tip the scales at 140lbs. Both look to be in their best shapes, but Bradley looked ripped.

Timothy Bradley (26-0, 11 knockouts) of Palm Spring, Calif, is the WBO 140-pound champion and St. Louis southpaw Devon Alexander (21-0, 13 KOs) is the WBC’s champ. Bradley vs Alexander’s fight will be the start of HBO’s boxing schedule and tomorrow night, boxing fans are in for a treat. Very rare do fans get to see a fight of this caliber in regular HBO. We have the top 2 fighters of their division going toe to toe to not only have bragging rights but with the chance to be declared the best 140 pound fighter in the world.

I am honestly torn between these two fighters. Both are young, undefeated and have great stamina. But, I am going to go with Timothy Bradley. I think his conditioning and endurance sets him apart from the other boxers in the 140lb division. Bradley is an explosive fighter. He may not have a lot of knockouts but his boxing ability and his body shots eventually wears some of his opponents. Bradley has to really stick to his game plan. He has to use his hand speed and his ability to cut the ring to his advantage. He is going up against one of the best young fighters out there in Alexander. If Bradley is able to use his jab and work inside the body, he can start winning the beginning rounds.

Devon Alexander is no joke. He can give Bradley problems if he is able to figure out Bradley by the middle rounds. I do feel that Alexander is the strongest puncher between the two. If Alexander is able to land some of his vicious left uppercuts, Bradley may have a long night. Alexander needs to execute his game plan. If he is able to get his upper cuts and left jabs going, he may give Bradley problems throughtout the fight.

I am not expecting a fight ala Khan vs Maidana. That is not going to happen. As a fan, I would love for them to just go at each other from the opening bell. But, none of them are straight out brawlers. One can make the argument with Alexander. But, this fight is going to be won with ring intelligence. It is going to be a straight out boxing showdown. I do expect to have couple of rounds where they are trading punches. Both are very smart boxers and will try to capitalize on the other boxer’s mistakes.

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s fight. I am just going to enjoy it. I don’t think this fight will end in a knock out but if it does, I must admit that Alexander has the best chances of knocking out Bradley. I expect Bradley to outbox Alexander and hope Bradley’s body punches will slow Alexander down. I see a split decision win for Bradley.

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