Bradley defeats Alexander in a technical decision

 Timothy Bradley won a unanimous technical decision after the fight was stopped in the 10th round, when Alexander could not see from his right eye. Judge Duane Ford scored it 97-93, Omar Mintun had it 98-93, and Tom Miller had it 96-95. I had it 98-92 for Bradley.

Tonight’s fight on paper had all the qualities for an amazing fight. I was expecting to see a great fight between the top two fighters of the junior welterweight division. What was supposed to be one of boxing’s exciting fights became one of the most boring fights. I say boring because I was expecting more. I wanted them to make it more of an entertaining fight. I wanted to jump and scream at the TV screen; instead I sat there and score the fight without any real excitment.

Bradley’s accidental head butts did shift the fight but truthfully, Bradley was too much for Devon Alexander. I was surprised that Bradley was the more aggressor of the two throughout the whole fight. I was impressed at how Bradley was able to shut Alexander down. Devon looked very uncomfortable in the ring. He was able to demonstrate his quick hand speed but he couldn’t execute his jab and did not land any big punches. What shocked me was that Alexander did not use his uppercuts in the whole fight. He had several chances throughout the fight where he could have used his uppercut but for some reason he failed to use it.  

Timothy Bradley demonstrated his amazing conditioning. I think the pressure and the pace that he kept the fight was also a factor that made it uncomfortable for Alexander. Bradley did a good job at not just being the boxer in this fight but also demonstrating that he can also be a puncher. Although, he may not have a lot of punching power, he was able to display his abilities as a well rounded fighter. I must admit that Bradley does head butt a lot in his fights. Even though, they are unintentional, boxers fighting Bradley will be very cautious with his accidental headbutts. He has headbutted his last couple of opponents. It is just a shame that a fight of this caliber had to end on a technical decision with Devon Alexander unable to see from his right eye. What was odd was that footage showed that the head butt landed on the left eye and Alexander complained about his right eye. I think the blood from the previous cut was affecting his right eye and therefore he couldn’t see from it.

I don’t want to see the rematch next nor in the near future. Maybe in about 3-4 years from now. There are better fights to be made that can benefit each fighter. Given that Bradley has unified the WBO and WBC belts in the junior welterweight division, I like to see him fight against Khan next. If Bradley fights Khan later this year, I just see him dominating Khan. Alexander can fight Maidana or Victor Ortiz next. If Alexander fights Maidana next, I see Maidana knocking him out.

Right now, Bradley is the best boxer in the 140 pound division. I see Bradley fighting couple more fights in this division before jumping to the welterweight division and challenging Pacquiao and/or Mayweather. But at this point, all roads in the junior welterweight division lead to Timothy Bradley.

One Response to “Bradley defeats Alexander in a technical decision”

  1. Pedro B. Says:

    Well this much anticipated fight was HBO’s first match of the new year with two fighters in there prime and hungry to deliver a clash of the young lions in the jr. welterweight divison. The last oppoenents that fought in the division was KAHN VS MAIDEN now that fight lived up to expectations. Its reallly unforunate for the boxing fans espcially the casual ones to see this uneventful tussle between two young gladiators. On to the fight, it was a good boxing match but not engaging enough to satisfy my boxing appetite in which a southpaw and orthodox fighter should have you will always have headbutts and your footwork will be unbalance. DA is a good boxer hit and move use your footwork i just belive he didnit do enough to win the fight ,, if he wouldve step it up i belive he couldve stop TB, he didnt let his hands go eoungh everytime he did let his punches go it was1-2 and then clinch , He was also flickering his jab not sitting on his pucnhes. For TB he shouldve let his hands go to , cut the ring offf and attack TB let him left get clinch and tangle up with DA i beliive both fighters were tense and giving each other to much respect and props instead a fight to start the new year.Hopefully they wont be a rematch ,, i would suggest that both fighters move one they are a lot of good fights to be made in ithis division i can wait for more matchmaking with this fighters,, and for me oh well its the first fight of the year, i can let them slide for this one.

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