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Aristide and the Endless Revolution

February 28, 2011

On February 29, 2004, Jean-Bertrand Aristide was kidnapped by U.S. Marines from Haiti in a coup that was orchestrated by the United States. Aristide was kidnapped by U.S. Marines and flown to Central African Republic. Aristide has been in South Africa since the coup and has not been allowed to go back to Haiti. The coup on 2004 was the 2nd coup on Aristide (the 1st one in 1991), who became the first democratically elected President of Haiti in 1990.

To understand Aristide and why the U.S. twice overthrew his government is to understand Aristide’s background. Jean Bertrand Aristide comes from a poor background and was ordained a Salesian priest in 1982. Aristide became the pastor of St. Jean Bosco Church in 1985; a church located in a poor neighborhood of Haiti’s capitol, Port-au-Prince. By 1986 he founded, Lafanmi Selavi (Family is Life), an orphanage shelter for street children.

Aristide was not just a Salesian priest, he preached Liberation Theology. Aristide used his priest role to speak the truth about the situation that Haiti was living in under the Baby Doc dictatorship. By taking the courage to speak out in favor of Haitians poor, he became a threat to the government. In an interview with the National Catholic Reporter in January of 1988, Aristide said, “American Imperialism has supported the Haitian government. Elections aren’t the answer, elections are a way for those in power to control people. The solution is revolution, first in the spirit of the Gospel; Jesus could not accept people going hungry. It is a conflict between classes, rich and poor. My role is to preach and organize. They can kill a thousand people but they can’t kill everybody. Only with a conversion of the heart will come a change in social structure. The important thing is not to stay quiet, to use active non-violence.”

On September 11, 1988, when Aristide was getting ready to start Sunday Mass, a group of paramilitary force (Tonton Macoute) open fired at the members inside  the church. 13 people died while over 70 were wounded in what became known as the St. Jean Bosco Massacre. The church was burned to the ground and Aristide was able to go unharm as parishioners protected him. Later that year in December of 1988, he was forced out of the Salesian order. The Salesians stated that Aristide’s political activism was “incitement to hatred and violence.” Aristide countered by saying, “the crime of which I stand accused is the crime of preaching food for all men and women.”

Given this background it is no coincidence why he was forced out of the Salesian priesthood and why Aristide became the first democratically elected president of Haiti in 1990. The Fanmi Lavalas (Lavalas Family), the political group that Aristide formed has been banned from participating in the presidential elections since the 2004 coup. To give people an idea on how Haiti was with Aristide and how the U.S. Marines allowed Haitians to kill each other during the 2004 coup, here is an article by a former street youth reporter from Radyo Timoun (Children’s Radio). Click on the link to read this great article.

Geographically speaking there is a reason why the U.S. has continued to put pressure on Aristide. It is not just because of his progressive policies (some call it progressive for all Haitians to be treated with Respect and Dignity and to have access to clean water, education, jobs and food). It is not because Aristide refuses to turn his back on the poorest of the poor but one of the main reasons is because Haiti is situated in the perfect place for the U.S. to settle a military base. The coup of 2004 was done because it would serve them the opportunity to install U.S. Marines in Haiti with the purpose of keeping their eye on Cuba. If something were to happen in Cuba rather than making it obvious to the world of invading Cuba, the U.S. Marines stationed in Haiti would be flown to Guantanamo Bay and from there “provide assistance to the Cuban people.” The pentagon is not stupid. Knowing that intellectuals probably sense their strategy on Cuba, the U.S. imposed the United Nations peace keeping force (blue helmets), with Brazil being in charge of the blue helmets. This is one of Lula’s biggest setbacks in my eyes. Allowing himself and Brazil to be used at the expense of continuing the occupation of Haiti. The blue helmets cannot fool the Haitian people. They will continue to feel that Haiti is being occupied by the U.S. and their supporters until President Aristide is allowed to come back to his country. There is a reason why the U.S. won’t allow the Lavalas party to participate in Haitian politics. Not only are Haitians asking for Aristide to be brought back to Haiti but for the Lavalas party to participate in Haitian politics. Recently there has been news that Aristide has been granted his passport to go back to Haiti but the U.S. is pressuring the Haitian government from not allowing him to return before the March 20th presidential elections. They feel that if allowed before March 20th, it will complicate the two puppet candidates that they have installed to run Haiti. The Haitians have been asking for his return since he was kidnapped in 2004. Haitians state why was Baby Doc, a dictator allowed to come back and not Aristide, who was voted by the people. It is important that Aristide be allowed to return to Haiti and let him contribute to the rebuilding of the country. Aristide has mentioned that if allowed to return, he would serve his fellow Haitians in the area of education.

To learn more about Aristide and the 2004 coup, here is the amazing documentary, Aristide and the Endless Revolution. This documentary is very powerful. I highly encourage people to see it. One can see speeches of Aristide when he is preaching to his congregation before he became president of Haiti, interviews with Noam Chomsky, Danny Glover, and interview clips on U.S. officials like Roger Noriega straight out lying and trying to portray Aristide as a man not able to govern Haiti and accusing Aristide of allowing corruption and other baseless lies. One can then see Aristide preaching love, unity, anti-corruption, etc. The documentary also touches on the Aristide supporters that have been killed by paramilitary forces and documents how members of the Lavalas party have been in prison since his coup without any real charges. To better understand Haiti one definately has to check out this documentary.

VIV ARISTIDE GOUVÈNEMAN (Long Live the Aristide Government)
ABA OKIPASYON (Down with the Occupation)

Brandon Rios Wins WBA Title with 10th Round Knockout

February 28, 2011


(Chris Cozzone)
(Chris Cozzone)
(Chris Cozzone)
(Chris Cozzone)
(Chris Cozzone)
(Chris Cozzone)
(Chris Cozzone)
(Chris Cozzone)

Brandon Rios shocked a lot of people by knocking out WBA Lightweight Champion, Miguel Acosta in the 10th Round. Brandon demonstrated a lot of resilience and determination in this fight. Rios started off very slow and it looked like Miguel Acosta was going to be on his way to earning his 20th consecutive win (he had not lost since 2003). At the time of the stoppage, all 3 judges had the fight 86-83 for Rios. I also had it 86-83 for Rios.

Acosta was too much in the early rounds. He was dominating Rios with body shots, upper cuts and his jabs. He landed some heavy shots in those couple of rounds. It was the fouth round that it looked like Brandon Rios was going to be knocked out. I told my friends that if the fight continues this pace, Rios might not make it past the 7th round. My friends and I agreed that Rios had to change the pace on the 5th round. Depending on how he came out in the 5th round, it was going to dictate how the fight was going to go. And Rios came out slugging. He kept putting pressure on Acosta and landing some combinations. He started to work the body and to cut the ring. The 5th round in my score card and in all the judges score cards was the turning point in the fight.

The 6th round, Rios kept the same pressure and appeared to be more relax. One could see the determination in his eyes. He kept landing more shots, working the body and with a short left hook, dropped Acosta down. When Rios knocked down Acosta, my friends and I were going nuts. I was yelling my lungs out. Rios had 2 more minutes to knock out Acosta. As much as my friends and I wanted Rios to knock out Acosta, Rios kept his focus and stuck to his game plan. It was in this round that Acosta demonstrated his fatigue. Acosta was in survival mode the last two minutes of round 6. His punches appeared to have lost some power.

From round 6 and on, it was Brandon Rios fight to lose. Miguel Acosta was running on an empty gas tank. His punches were weak and when he did landed some shots, it wasn’t the effect as in the early rounds. Rios, on the other hand, made the adjustments that he need it to make and kept closing the ring on Acosta, landing some body punches and using 3-4 combinations. When Rios fought inside it was to his advantage and when he allowed Acosta some distance, it was when Acosta was more effective. The 8th round knocked down was caused by a left hook that sent Acosta to the canvas. But in that 8th round, it is clear that Rios pressure and his aggressiveness was catching up to Acosta. The 10th round was all Rios. Rios combinations and his right hook was eventually too much for Acosta. My friends and I were going nuts when Rios knocked out Acosta. I have a reputation for being too passionate when it comes to watching fights. This one was no different. I was yelling my lungs out. Rios literally knocked out Acosta. His corner did the right thing in throwing in the towel.

“If a kid like me, always in and out of trouble, almost had his career taken away, come back…
and become a world champion…anybody out there can do it. Dreams are possible. Just stick to your dreams.”

It was the above quote that Brandon Rios started his post fight interview with Jim Gray. Listening to Rios and seeing the joy of Brandon Rios winning the WBA title gave me the chills. It was an awesome feeling to see that Steven Luevano, Nonito Donaire, Mickey Garcia, Fernando Vargas and Eduardo Garcia were there to celebrate his first championship victory. His emotions and his GRITO, which is his trademark when he wins, almost made me cry of joy for him. This was a very impressive victory. I must say that I didn’t expect Rios to knock out Acosta. I did mention in my pre fight analysis that if Rios keeps the pressure, cuts the ring and works inside, he would have more chances of winning. I also stated that the fighter who was well conditioned would win the fight. I thought that if the fight ended in a knock out, Acosta would have more of a chance. But, Rios proved me and any other boxing fans wrong. Brandon Rios reminds me of a lightweight version of Antonio Margarito. He has the same style. Rios demonstrated that he has a heart of an aztec warrior and has a very solid chin. Rios can take a punch. Even after acknowledging that he was hurt in the beginning rounds, he kept the pressure and brought the fight to Acosta. This victory clearly puts him in talks with the best fights available in the lightweight division. Let’s see if Humberto Soto is able to defeat Urbano Antillon in their rematch fight and decides to fight Brandon. Bam Bam Rios was supposed to have fought Soto last night but Soto decided to fight Antillon on May 7th (the co fight of the Manny Pacquaio vs Shane Mosley fight) instead. Brandon Rios definately got the respect of the greater boxing community in his impressive victory. Rios keeps his undefeated record on the line and let’s hope that Rios fights Soto next. If not, the rumors are that he will fight Marco Antonio Barrera. If he ends up fighting Barrera, I don’t see Barrera hanging with Rios. It will be the lightweight version of Marcos Maidana vs Erik Morales. Maidana is going up against the legend but old Morales in a fight in which fans and boxers alike feel that Maidana will be too much for Morales and end up knocking out Morales. If Barrera were to fight Rios, I feel that Rios will knock out Barrera and maybe send him back into retirement.

Congratulations Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios for winning the WBA Title and bringing the title to Oxnard. For those who miss the fight, check it out. If you want to see the knock downs, you can check out Rounds 6, 8 and 10th. Enjoy one of this year’s Fight of the Year candidates.

Miguel Acosta vs Brandon Rios Pre Fight Analysis

February 26, 2011
(Chris Farina/Top Rank)

Tonight’s fight between WBA Champion, Miguel Acosta (28-3, 22 KOs) vs Brandon Rios (26-0, 19KOs) figures to be one great fight. Both fighters weighed in at 134.5lbs. Tonight’s fight is more than just a championship fight, its about proving to themselves and to the greater boxing community that they belong in the elite lightweight division.

Both fighters caught people’s attention. Acosta by knocking out back then undefeated fighter, Urbano Antillon in the 9th round and Rios by defeating undefeated fighter Anthony Peterson in a fight where Peterson was disqualified for his low blows.

Miguel Acosta is a Venezuelan fighter who has demonstrated tremendous punching power. He knocked out Paulus Moses who was also undefeated.  Acosta is a power puncher who uses his jab well but his weapon of choice seems to be his righ upper cut.

Bam Bam Rios is an aggressive fighter who wears his opponents down. Rios is the type of fighter who will put pressure and try to wear down his opponents.

On paper, people expect for Acosta to win the fight, not just because he is the champion but because he has more power than Rios. I expect Rios to fight a very smart fight. He has to be careful with Acosta’s upper cuts especially his right upper cut. Rios should put pressure on Acosta and work the body. He should try to cut the ring and see if he can catch him against the ropes. If he does, he has to be very careful because Acosta can be a very good counter puncher as well. Rios has a better chance at winning the fight if he fights inside. If the fight is fought at a distance and Rios has a hard time working inside and landing body shots, then Acosta will be able to cruise with a decision. Rios has a chance at wearing down Acosta by targetting the body and putting pressure throughtout the whole fight. Another thing to consider is conditioning. Which boxer will be the most conditioned? Fights where one is expected to keep a strong pace from the opening bell are fights that are won by the fighter who is well conditioned. The fighter that gets tired first and the one that drops his defense and makes a mistake is the fighter that will lose.

I don’t expect this fight to end in a knock out. If it does, then chances are that Acosta has the better possibility. Acosta should use his upper cuts and his power punches as an advantage. Rios on the other hand, needs to keep the pressure, avoid those upper cuts and work the body. I think this is going to be a very close fight. I am rooting for Rios via decision.

Revolutionary Turned Dictator Thug

February 26, 2011

 (John Moore/Getty Images)

Muammar Gaddafi was once a revolutionary who ousted King Idris in a coup on September 1, 1969. Gaddafi has been an outspoken critic of U.S. imperialism and imposed an Islamic Socialism in Lybia. Gaddafi has tried to be the vanguard of the Pan-Arabism. He has tried to portray himself as the leader of Arab nationalism and even went as far as forming a “Jamahiriya” (government by the masses) government. Ideally, it sought to make Libya be governed by the people via direct democracy. The idea sounds great but the world is now seeing that there is no such jamahiriya government as Gaddafi has turn Libya into a dictatorship regime. Gaddafi went as far as creating his own Green Book where he elaborates his political views on what an Islamic-Socialist State should look like. 

What we are seeing in Libya right now is people tired of the Gaddafi regime after over 40 years of power. Gaddafi is trying to cling to the little power that he has. The imperialism that he so much criticized is the same autocratic system that he has imposed in Lybia.

Gaddafi has transformed himself from a former revolutionary to a current dictator thug. All that talk about “Socialism” and “Jamahiriya” is now a bunch of nonsense. It is people like Gaddafi that makes people fear Socialism. Gaddafi is the worst presentation of “Socialism.” In fact, in my eyes, he is just another individual who has hi jacked the word of “Socialism” and “Pan-Arabism” and has given it a bad connotation. 

A so called Revolutionary would never hire mercenaries and turned them against his own people. A so called Nationalist would not order the army against his own people and fire live ammunition on protesters. In a true Jamahiriya government, Gaddafi would have listen to the masses and stepped down. After all, isn’t that what “jamahiriya” is; a government by the masses. Gaddafi is just one dictator thug who thinks that he can repress the movement that is sweeping Lybia. This is another narcissistic dictator who rather have a civil war break out before he is forced to step down. And by the looks, he is willing to use “all means necessary” to maintain his power, going as far as possibly ordering the military to fire at the protesters.

My support goes out to all the youth in Libya who are demonstrating against this thug. It is no coincidence that the U.S. and some European countries are taking advantage of the Libya uprising so that they can get their hands on Libya’s oil. America has alread imposed sanctions on Lybia. It is interesting that the U.S. has not imposed sanctions on the other countries such as Yemen, Jordan or Bahrain. Why didn’t the U.S. imposed sanctions on Mubarak during the Egyptian Revolution? The U.S. media has not even paid attention to what is going on in Bahrain, Yemen and other countries. They are trying to milk on what is going on in Libya. NATO is even contemplating on possibly having military intervention. It is important that America and European countries not try to take advantage of what is going on in Libya. Any form of intervention will only add to the animosity that people have against America and their imperialist policies. Lybia, Yemen, Bahrain, Iran, Morrocco, Cameroon and Algeria to name a few, are countries that are inspiring the world right now. May their struggle continue to inspire us.

Soccer Player Fools Ref

February 25, 2011
With Chile’s U-20 team losing to Ecuador, Chilean soccer player, Bryan Carrasco tried one of the few tricks ever seen on a soccer game. This might be the one and only time that we get to see this type of incident be perfectly executed. Check it out. I must say it is very funny.

Tenants Gather for Public Housing Convention

February 24, 2011
This past Saturday  I had the opportunity to participate in the 1st city wide tenants convention on public housing. Residents from various public housing projects gathered in Venice to talk about ways to preserve public housing and come up with an agenda to move forward.

Tenants talked about being harrassed by officials at Housing Authority for the City of L.A. (HACLA). Tenants talked about being charged $500 to fix a boiler, $30 to fix the smoke detector, being charged late fees when the money orders were postmarked a week before the rent was due and because it got to HACLA late they had to pay the late fee…HACLA officials on purpose painted the sidewalks red so that tenants wouldn’t park in those designated areas then getting tickets from the parking attendant officer. Even the parking attendant officer would tell the tenants that HACLA cannot paint the sidewalks whenever they want too. One week they are painted, the following week they are painted back to normal.

There was so much information at the convention that I will say this. The tenants and their supporters are ready to take on HACLA and their slumlord practices. They have to be ready for what is coming at them because when HACLA officials get exposed, it ain’t going to be pretty.

We continue to move forward with the people’s agenda and will continue to struggle to preserve public housing.

Here is a great visual image of the event courtesy of L.A. Community Action Network (CAN). Check out this link to see pictures of the public housing tenants convention.

To be updated on the amazing work that LA CAN does, please visit their blog at

Mobilizing the Jobless

February 23, 2011

Mobilizing the Jobless

Augusto Cesar Sandino…PRESENTE!!!

February 22, 2011

Hoy recordamos al revolucionario de Nicaragua, Augusto Cesar Sandino. En un dia como hoy fue asesinado por el traidor General Anastacio Somoza Garcia, quien por 45 años, su familia mantuvo una dictadura en Nicaragua. En 1979, el Frente Sadinista de Liberacion Nacional (FSLN) puso fin a la dictadura cuando ocuparon la capital, Manugua.

Sandino o mejor conocido como el “General de Hombres Libres,” fue uno de los lideres de la resistencia en Nicaragua contra la ocupacion de las bases de Marina de los Estados Unidos. Sandino se opuso al Pacto del Espino Negro, lo cual fue firmado el 4 de Mayo, 1927 en la cual Jose Maria Moncada pacta con el gobierno de Estados Unidos la continuidad del gobierno conservador del pais hasta las elecciones de 1928. Sandino en este entonces no solamente se opene a la paz impuesta por el gobierno de Estados Unidos sino se va a El Chipote donde con 30 otros revolucionarios manifiesta una de sus famosas frases, “No me vendo, ni me rindo. Yo quiero Patria Libre o Morir.” Es aqui donde nace la bandera del FSLN, en la cual Sandino muestra una bandera roja con una franja negra.

Sandino y su Ejercito Defensor de la Soberania Nacional (EDSN) lucho desde el 1927 hasta finalmente poder vencer a las tropas Marinas de Estados Unidos en el 1933, fue la primer derrota del militar Estadounidense en el siglo 20. Sandino al derrotar a los tropas yanquis se convierte en un maximo lider anti-imperialista y un revolucionario respetado por todo el mundo.

Desgraciadamente el Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional (FSLN) que derroto a la dictadura de Somoza no es el mismo FSLN que lidera hoy en dia Daniel Ortega. Reconozco que Daniel Ortega fue una gran figura en 1979 pero hoy en dia sus decisiones especialmente el pacto que hizo con el partido Liberal (derecha) son muy questionados a los simpatizantes de izquierda y de los admiradores de Sandino.

Los dejo con varias frases de Sandino:

“Este movimiento es nacional y antiimperialista. Mantenemos la bandera de libertad para Nicaragua y para toda Hispanoamérica. Por lo demás en el terreno social, este movimiento es popular.” 

“Nosotros iremos hacia el sol de la libertad o hacia la muerte; y si morimos, nuestra causa seguirá viviendo. Otros nos seguirán.”

“La injusticia no tiene ninguna razón de existir en el Universo, y su nacimiento fue de la envidia y antagonismo de los hombres, antes de haber comprendido su espíritu.”

“El amor a mi patria lo he puesto sobre todos los amores y tú debes convencerte que para ser feliz conmigo, es menester que el sol de la libertad brille en nuestras frentes.” 

“Yo no estoy dispuesto a entregar mis armas en caso de que todos lo hagan. Yo me haré morir con los pocos que me acompañan porque es preferible hacernos morir como rebeldes y no vivir como esclavos.”

“Mi mayor honra es surgir del seno de los oprimidos, que son el alma y nervio de la raza.”

“De esta manera sangrienta, han sido una vez más castigados los asesinos extraños y los patricidas que durante tanto tiempo han humillado la soberanía de mi amada Nicaragua.”

Se partió en Nicaragua
otro hierro caliente
con que el águila daba
su señal a la gente

Se partió en Nicaragua
otra soga con cebo
con que el águila ataba
por el cuello al obrero

Se ha prendido la hierba
dentro del continente
las fronteras se besan
y se ponen ardientes

Me recuerdo de un hombre
que por esto moría
y que viendo este día
-como espectro del monte-
jubiloso reía

El espectro es Sandino
con Bolívar y el Che
porque el mismo camino
caminaron los tres

Estos tres caminantes
con idéntica suerte
ya se han hecho gigantes
ya burlaron la muerte

Ahora el águila tiene
su dolencia mayor
Nicaragua le duele
pues le duele el amor

Y le duele que el niño
vaya sano a la escuela
porque de esa madera
de justicia y cariño
no se afila su espuela

Andará Nicaragua
su camino en la gloria
porque fue sangre sabia
la que hizo su historia

Te lo dice un hermano
que ha sangrado contigo
te lo dice un cubano
te lo dice un amigo



World Day of Social Justice

February 21, 2011
Today is the United Nations World Day of Social Justice. Since 2009, February 20th has been designated as World Day of Social Justice. It sounds nice that United Nations has declared February 20th as Social Justice Day but we will never have Social Justice if the more wealthier countries are not committed in investing in humanity.

I must admit that I have lost credibility in the United Nations role. The United Nations rather than “uniting nations” it serves as a vehicle where the most powerful countries can dictate and bully other countries’ agenda. I think on a day like today where one is trying to raise awareness on Social Justice, we have to re-evaluate the structure and role of the United Nations. As long as the United Nations continues to be in New York, it will continue to be a puppet of the U.S. government. Countries know in advance that when they are dealing with the United Nations, they are basically dealing with the United States. How many times has countries within the United Nations have condemn the economic embargo on Cuba? Or when the U.S. was getting ready to go to war against Irak, Bush, simply ignored the United Nations and went ahead and started bombing Irak. Wouldn’t that be an act that should have automatically dismissed the United States from being a permanent member of the veto countries. Acts like the one that Bush took to invade Irak are terrorist acts and should be held accountable in a international tribunal. Bush and company should be tried for crimes against humanity. The United Nations body should have the power to carry such tribunal. That is Social Justice.  But, given the current structure of the United Nations, there is no sense of social justice coming from such body. I think the United Nations Headquarters should be in Brazil, India, or South Africa. I also don’t think that 5 countries should be permanent bodies with veto power. How can 5 countries dictate the rules of the international community? To bring justice to the United Nations, I think one has to reform the whole United Nations. I want to see more representation from 3rd world countries, developing countries and make it more democratic. So that’s my take on the United Nations.

While people in the Middle East and in North Africa are rising up against dictators, one is clearly seeing signs of a true social justice movement that is happening in Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Jordan, Algeria, and Morocco to name a few. People in these countries are demonstrating to the world that its not just about being inspired by Tunisia and Egypt, it’s about citizens in those countries  wanting to have a better life for themselves and for their children. It’s about having their basic human rights. It’s about Respect and Dignity. It’s about people just being tired of being taken advantage of and not having their civil/human rights upheld. May the peoples’ quest for Peace, Justice, and Equality in their countries continue to motivate and inspired us.

I think in the U.S., there are thousands of people doing amazing work and some organizations that continue to hold it down, but the question is how do we unify our struggles. It appears that people and/or organizationss want to be the vanguards of the Revolution and as long as people keep having that mentality, the only revolution that they will get is an ego revolution that will make them more humble and/or more inclusive. For many of us who advocate and are homeless rights activist, we have been using homelessness as a social justice issue, therefore, making our issue part of the larger social justice movement. We understand that Homelessness is not just about Housing, but about Education, Children’s Rights, Women’s Rights, AIDS, Mental Health Services, Elderly, Youth and any other issue that people are fighting for. Only by all of us coming together and embracing each other’s issues will we be able to move forward and building a mass social justice movement. I like to say that Homelessness is the umbrella of social injustice. Whatever you are passionate about, you are bound to find someone that is homeless and living out the nightmare that you are trying to get rid off. One will find youth sleeping with their parents out in the cold concrete sidewalk cover with newspapers. One will see elderly sleeping in their wheelchairs with just a hooded sweater to try to keep them warm. Cats and dogs accompanying their owners and sometimes having better luck than their owners. One can find someone who is a teenage mother, who has recently been diagnosed with AIDS, suffering from chronic depression and trying desperately to find a place to live after being kicked out of the house by her supposedly boyfriend. In this example, one can see how homelessness is related with all the other issues. The media has depicted homelessness in a very negative way and by us continuing to believe that, the less we are bound to assist them. May our minds not be contaminated by what the media tells us. Let us start coming together and building a strong social justice movement, where it will be by the people, of the people, and for the people. Let us remember that the journey we have embarked on is one where the ultimate price is seeing someone’s dream become a reality and where they have the basic human needs in life due to our accompaniment, kinship, time, advocacy, gifts, embrace, respect, understanding and love. This is the journey that has shaped my life. This is the only path I know. There is no turning back for me. It is this human journey that continues to make me a student of life. It is this journey that one day we can creat that social justice movement.

Donaire KO’s Montiel In A “Flash” And Takes WBC/WBO Belts

February 20, 2011
(Chris Farina/Top Rank)

Nonito Donaire said he wanted to make a statement and what a statement did he make on Saturday night in Las Vegas. His amazing left hook 2nd round knock out of WBC/WBO Bantamweight Champion, Fernando Montiel, was one of those knock outs that leaves boxing fans in a state of shock. Donaire stated that he had a premonition and that he picture himself knocking out Montiel in the 2nd round. His knock out not only makes him the new WBC/WBO Bantamweight Champion of the world but instantly puts him in the top pound for pound fighters.

The first round, Nonito took the fight to Montiel. He demonstrated his “flash” and great boxing skills. The 2nd round it appeared that Montiel was trying to pick up the tempo. But, Nonito’s countered left hook sent Montiel to the canvas cold. His feet were twitching and he appeared to get up an try to brush it off but one can tell that he wasn’t okay. The ref who I have never heard of, appeared to not even give Montiel the whole 10 count. I think in a fight of this caliber, I would have rather have Kenny Bayless be the referee. I am sure he would have handled it different. He probably would have given him the full 10 count and given him some breathing space before he would let Nonito jump in. A little breathing space might have give enough time for Montiel to probably survive the round. But, they don’t call Nonito, “Filipino Flash” for nothing. Once the Ref allowed the fight to continue, Nonite like a quiet black panther creeped in and in a “flash” delivered two punches before the Ref stepped in to stop the fight.

Nonito is no joke. This is one of the most impressive wins of his career. I was just watching his fight with darchinyan yesterday before I wrote my pre fight analysis and one thing I forgot to add to the pre fight analysis was Nonito’s devasting left hook. Nonito shock the world when he knocked out Darchinyan with a short left hook and I knew coming into this fight that was going to be a weapon that Nonito could use to pull it off. I just didn’t expect it was going to end this quick. Part of me, really wanted this fight to go longer cuz I had a feeling it was going to live up to its expectation and possibly pave the way for a Trilogy. Now, with this devastating knock out, I don’t know if a rematch is planned. I’m guessing if it is, we might see it in the 122 division and maybe sometime next year or so. I had mentioned that this fight was going to be like a Chess Match and whoever gets Checkmate was going to lose. Montiel got Checkmate quick. No boxing fan expected this fight to end this quick. I had a feeling that someone was going to get knocked out but I am almost certain that no one was expecting this fight to end in the 2nd round.

So what is next for Nonito? He can go up in weight and challenge some big fighters or he can stay and try to dominate the division. Nonito wants to clean the Bantamweight division before he goes up. He is looking at the winner between Agbeko vs Mares. I think a Nonito vs Mares might make an interesting fight but at this point, Nonito is just too good and too fast against any of  his opponents and I don’t see him slowing down. A fight that would be very interesting and maybe in less than 3 years would be a fight between Nonito and Gamboa. If they ever make that fight, that is going to be one amazing fight.

Donaire demonstrated that he is an upcoming boxing superstar. Right  now I don’t see anyone in the Bantamweight division that will give Donaire competition. Congratulations goes to Nonito Donaire for making a statement to the world and becoming the new WBC/WBO Bantamweight Champion.
See the knock out for yourself. This is the same hook that knocked out Darchinyan.