The Egyptian Revolution Has Been Televised

What we are witnessing in Egypt is the blueprint of future mass social uprisings. It is a revolution that was spearheaded by the students and eventually spread to include all Egyptians from various walks of life. This is a revolution where people are not only tired of the 30 year dictatorship regime but where unemployment and poverty has increased to the point that people shouted their own YA BASTA; “KEFAYA!!!”

Unemployment, poverty, and hunger are just some of the seeds that are planted to stage a social uprising. Revolutions are born from the lack of the basic human needs. I have always felt that when ordinary citizens are isolated and stripped off their basic necessities in life, government officials have left no other choice for the people but to stage a mass social uprising. Egyptians want to end their nightmares and start living out their dreams.

This revolution has one underlying message and that is to end Mubarak’s dictatorship regime. Egyptians are not going to wait to September for him to step down. Egyptians want the regime to end and to end as soon as possible. It’s that simple. Nothing less than that will stop this revolution. Egyptians want to live in dignity and are tired of this regime. The time has come for the people to write their story and pave the way for an Egypt that will be a representation of their needs and where their values and customs will be uphold.

The world is watching what is going on in Egypt and we will hear world leaders urging Mubarak for a peaceful transition and democratic changes. We will hear about him having to step down now and respecting the will of peaceful demonstrators. But, my fear is that while the United States will join the international community in supporting the peaceful demonstrators, the States will do anything in their power to prevent the Egyptian people from putting their trust on the Muslim Brotherhood. They will come up with stories about the links between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and try to make Americans have a bad perception on the Muslim Brotherhood. None of this will work. At least not to the Egyptians. What Americans don’t know is that the Muslim Brotherhood is a non violent movement. It works to implement the positive values of Islam and it strives to work on the erradication of poverty, corruption and the implementation of social justice in society. The Muslim Brotherhood in fact is the largest opposition in Egypt and have a great amount of support. What the U.S. has got to understand is that they will not be able to dictate the path that Egyptians will take. That will be the choice of the Egyptians and only the Egyptians. The United Nations may try to send “international observers” but the only observers that the people will need is themselves.

The United States for 30 years supported the Mubarak dictatorship regime. This should not come as a surprise to anyone because history shows that the United States has always supported dictators while at the same time promoting “freedom,” “human rights,” and “democracy.” I will not believe the rhetoric that will come from Washington. It will sound politically correct but I will judge the States on the stance they take when the transition phase begins and the Egyptians decide to support someone that might threaten the U.S. interest. It is then that we will see if the United States still believes in the values of “freedom,” “peaceful transition,” and “democracy.”

Mubarak tried to shut off the internet and telecommunications but THE REVOLUTION HAS ALREADY BEEN TELEVISED. Yesterday we witness millions of people crowding Tahrir Square urging Mubarak to step down. Mubarak arrogance that he will step down in September is what dictators say when they try to cling to the little power that they have. It is this behavior that causes civil wars to erupt. And today we bear witness to the clashes that have taken place in Tahrir Square. Pro Mubarak supporters storm into the peaceful demonstrators on horses and camels and attacking anyone near them. There is no one to blame for this aggression than Mubarak and his unwillingness to step down. My fear is that what we have witness today will turned into an all out civil war.

This is Egyptians moment to transform their country. As they continue to struggle for a more just and peaceful Egypt, we look from a far with the conviction that there is no greater joy than seeing people take to the streets and in the spirit of non violence exercising their freedom of speech to call for the end of the Mubarak regime. Thank you Egyptians for touching our hearts and making the world believe in the power of the human spirit. Thank you for the message of non violence, civil disobedience, determination, inspiration, peace, justice, faith, love and dignity. It is through this message that a new Egypt will rise. There will be pro-Mubarak supporters trying to take advantage of this situation and trying to sabotage the dream and aspirations of ordinary Egyptians, but that is too late. The violence that they have used against the peaceful demonstrators will not stop the millions of people that are in the streets. This revolution is going forward and will continue to advance until Mubarak steps down. There is no other alternative. The world is watching and stands on the side of the millions of peaceful demonstrators.


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