Remembering Dr. D


G: Dr. D,
how are you doing?

Dr. D: Hey, Bobo,
Nice to hear from you.
I am doing well.
What about you?

G: I am okay. There has
been some changes in my
life and change is always
an adjusting phase.
So hay andamos.

Dr. D: I hear you G.
Change is definately an adjusting phase.
I know exactly what you mean.

G: So how are things out there?
How are your Workaholic Anonymous classes?

Dr. D: Everything out here is going great. We always have
things to do. The W.A. classes are fun. Everytime we
have someone different facilitating the class. So, it’s fun.
The other day, George Carlin was our feature “guest speaker” 
and he had all of us laughing. I mean, I was thinking of
going for a run later that afternoon
but there was no reason for it.
Carlin help me burn the calories that I was thinking
of burning later that afternoon.

G: Sounds like he will be back due to popular demand.

Dr. D: I sure hope so. (laughter)

G: (laughter)

G: Dr. D, what are your thoughts
on what is going on in Egypt?

Dr. D: Well, bobo, I think the
Egyptians have awakened the masses.
It started in Tunisia but it is Egypt
that has truly brought people to its feet.
What we are seeing in Egypt is a
true People’s Revolution.

I was talking the other day to
Gamal Abdel Nasser and he
was just crying. He has been
deeply moved by what is going on.
He is proud to be an Egyptian and
seeing his people rise to end the
30 year old Mubarak regime.
He feels that the Revolution
will continue to move forward
until Mubarak steps down.
He doesn’t think that Suleiman
should take over. He sees the
connections between the U.S.
and Suleiman and doesn’t like that.
Gamal feels that the people have to
decide who should take over when
Mubarak steps down. That decision
has to come from the people who
are on the streets and from the leaders
who represent them. But, he sees a new
Egypt rising and is happy that the
youth sparked the revolution.

G: Egypt has truly inspired many people.
But, it was the Jasmine Revolution that
really sparked the consciousness of the people.
I feel 2011 is the year of transformation,
not only on a personal level,
but on a worldwide level.
I think we are bound to see several Intifadas
happening in different parts of the world.

Dr. D: The thing that I see is that Mother Earth
is changing at a fast pace. People are destroying
Mother Earth. People have lost touch with the
true values in life. Apathy and greed is a deadly
cancer to humanity. And it takes awhile to get
rid of this cancer. You know what I mean?

G: I feel you, Dr. D.

Dr. D: The saddest part is that people in
the United States can make great contributions
to humanity or they can continue to destroy it.
Now, when I say, people, I mean, the elected officials.

The rest of the world is shifting alongside Mother Earth.
I am never amazed at how 3rd world countries and the
poorest inhabitants on Mother Earth, are the ones who get it.
They respect Mother Earth. They know how to cultivate
and appreciate the land. They understand the value of
communal sharing. There is a sense of Kinship amongst
everyone and something that brings all of them together.
And this is the love and respect for all living beings.
It is also their deep commitment to the greater good
of all Humanity. When you have come to the
realization that there is nothing more beautiful on Earth
than to live your life for the greater good of Humanity,
it is then when you will realize that you have arrived
to your destination. Once you have arrived to your
destination, the journey continues.

G: I completely agree with you. The last part
was beautiful, it was like poetry to my ears.

Dr. D. Stop it bobo (laughter)

G: Nah, Serio…it was just beautiful.

I don’t know Dr. D,
America is walking on thin ice.
Something is bound to happen
before people wake up and
start a mass social uprising.
It has always been my belief
that when the most marginalize
of our citizens are left on the
sidelines and lack the basic
human necessities in life,
that only sets the stage
for a mass social uprising.

It just pains me to see
how people struggle
to make ends meet.
I can never get used to
seeing people selling flowers
on freeway exits,
my people walking miles and miles
pushing a carrito de paletas,
children in gas stations
trying to sell chocolate
so they can buy their
school’s sport uniform.
Homeless people sleeping
in the rain is my greatest pain.

Dr. D: G, I completely understand you.
I can see that you have not changed
and that is good. But, remember this.
It is not what you do, but how you do it
that counts. It is not about changing
the world but how you change the world.
Continue to surround yourself with the
beautiful and amazing people that
exist in your life. You guys hold
the seeds for the future generations.
The question is what are you going
to do with those seeds?
Are you going to plant them
and cultivate them? Or are you
going to put those seeds in your pocket
and continue walking to the
deadly beat that is Society?

G: If there is one thing that I learned
about you, Dr. D, is that we must
be constant gardeners. You inspired
me to be a jardinero for Humanity
and to be one with a heart full of Love.

Dr. D: And you have been one.
We see that and we are humble
to know that you continue
to be inspired to help the
most marginalize in your society.

G: In them it is where I find
the key to Humanity.
If we are able to reach out
to the most marginalize
of our citizens,
are we not building the
Kingdom on Earth
as it is in Heaven?
Are we not doing to Jesus
what we did unto the least of them?

Dr.D: Yeah you are Bobo. I am
happy that you continue to think like this.
So, te piensas casar anytime soon?

G: (laughter)
That came out of left field. No,
todavia estoy joven. Tal vez
dentro unos 5 years or menos.
No se.
I want to be as ready as I can
aunque reconozco que
mientras mas uno trate de
prepararse, one will never be ready.

Hey, speaking Spanish
to you is pretty cool.
For awhile se me habia
olvidado that you speak
Spanish tambien.

Dr.D: Hey, Kekenewe

Simbabele bobo, que
quieres decir. Siguele
y vas a ver que te voy
a comenzar hablar en
Frances. (laughter)

G: Uh, bonjour and
deja vu (laughter).

Dr. D: (laughter)

G: How is Gandhi,
Victor Jara, MLK
and Cesar E. Chavez doing?

Dr. D: They are doing great.
Gandhi has been busy writing.
Lately, he has been writing
couple more Talismans.

Victor Jara has been busy.
He has been working with
Abdel Halim Hafez to
write a newer version to
Al Watan Al Ackbar
but Victor wants to
translate it in Spanish
and give the song
his own flavor.

MLK and Cesar Chavez
the other day were
talking about how
some lawmakers
want to deny children
U.S. citizenship if they
are born to undocumented women.
That is just ridiculous.
They both feel that if Republicans continue
to tap into the immigration issue,
they better be ready for what awaits them.

But, everyone else is doing well.
Huey Newton, Malcom X,
Fela Kuti, Lumumba,
Marcus Garvey, Rosa Parks,
Dorothy Day, Susan B Anthony
Steve Biko, Jackie Robinson
and Satchel Paige to name
a few are doing great.

You know what, Bobo.
I forgot but I have to go.
They are having a baseball
game in the afternoon 
and I promised Satchel Paige
that I was going to see him pitch.
I want to see if he can strike out
Josh Gibson like last time.

Well, G, it was nice talking to you.
It is always a pleasure to catch up with you.

G: Same here, Dr. D.
I wanted to take this time to
let you know that I miss you.
February 9th is still difficult for me
to grasp. I can’t believe that it has been 3 years
since I haven’t seen you.
I was thinking the other day of the theme song
from the movie, The Mission, and that song
gets me emotional when I think about you.

Dr. D: Oh G, stop it before you make me cry.

G: I know you almost have to go. 
I also had a great time chatting with you.
Thank you for your words of wisdom.

Dr. D: Thank you for calling me up.
I appreciate our conversations.
Let’s keep it up.

G: Me too, it is always a pleasure
to catch up with you Dr. D.
We will be in touch.
When u get a chance
listen to the theme song
from The Mission
that is the song that
lately I have been listening too
to remember you.
Dr. D: Ok, I will. Take care.
G: Likewise. Enjoy the game
and say hi to Satchel Paige
and Jackie Robinson for me.
Dr. D. I will. Bye.
G: Bye.
I love you Dr. D.

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