Montiel vs Donaire Pre Fight Analysis

(Chris Cozzone/

(Chris Cozzone/
(Chris Cozzone/

Tonight’s fight between WBC/WBO Bantamweight Champion, Fernando “Cochulito” Montiel (44-2-2, 34 KOs) and Nonito “Filipino Flash” Donaire (25-1, 17 KOs) figures to be one explosive match. Both fighters weighed in at 118. Both boxers in their last 10 fights have won 8 of those by knockout. Montiel is riding a 12 fight win streak while Donaire on the other hand has a 24 fight win streak.

Both of these boxers have excellent speed with Donaire having a slight advantage. Both have great power and both have great defense. This is a fight that many boxing fans are torn between who to root for. Do you go with the fighter who has the experience in Montiel or do you go with the younger fighter in Donaire. Both have stated that they are willing to make it a war if needs be. Both have mentioned that they will knock each other down and then get back up on their feet and get knocked down again and keep going at it until one of them won’t be able to get up anymore.

Montiel and Donaire on paper has Trilogy written all over it. It has Fight Of The Year candidate. It has Fireworks. Explosive. It has everything you expect in a great fight. I think this fight is so even that its going to become like a Chess Match. Both fighters are going to be moving their pieces nice and carefully and will try to take advantage of the other person’s mistake to get Checkmate. Who ever gets Checkmate is the boxer who will have to be on the defensive and will have difficult time bouncing back and taking the fight. This type of fight is won by ring intelligence, conditioning and being the most aggressive fighter.

I usually root for a boxer even if I know both are great boxers. I must admit that when it comes to boxing, the Mexican in me comes out and I end up rooting for the Mexican fighter. And I would love for Montiel to win. But, I can’t deny Donaire’s speed and reach and his great boxing skills. This is one of the few fights that I am going to stand neutral and just enjoy an amazing fight. A lot of boxing fans know for sure that this won’t be a Bradley vs Alexander disappointment. In their fight, the hype was build up and what boxing fans got was one of the most boring fights in years. Boxing fans know for a fact that Montiel and Donaire will deliver what Bradley and Alexander couldn’t. This fight is sure to be one of the most exciting fights of the year. I can’t wait.  

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