Donaire KO’s Montiel In A “Flash” And Takes WBC/WBO Belts

(Chris Farina/Top Rank)

Nonito Donaire said he wanted to make a statement and what a statement did he make on Saturday night in Las Vegas. His amazing left hook 2nd round knock out of WBC/WBO Bantamweight Champion, Fernando Montiel, was one of those knock outs that leaves boxing fans in a state of shock. Donaire stated that he had a premonition and that he picture himself knocking out Montiel in the 2nd round. His knock out not only makes him the new WBC/WBO Bantamweight Champion of the world but instantly puts him in the top pound for pound fighters.

The first round, Nonito took the fight to Montiel. He demonstrated his “flash” and great boxing skills. The 2nd round it appeared that Montiel was trying to pick up the tempo. But, Nonito’s countered left hook sent Montiel to the canvas cold. His feet were twitching and he appeared to get up an try to brush it off but one can tell that he wasn’t okay. The ref who I have never heard of, appeared to not even give Montiel the whole 10 count. I think in a fight of this caliber, I would have rather have Kenny Bayless be the referee. I am sure he would have handled it different. He probably would have given him the full 10 count and given him some breathing space before he would let Nonito jump in. A little breathing space might have give enough time for Montiel to probably survive the round. But, they don’t call Nonito, “Filipino Flash” for nothing. Once the Ref allowed the fight to continue, Nonite like a quiet black panther creeped in and in a “flash” delivered two punches before the Ref stepped in to stop the fight.

Nonito is no joke. This is one of the most impressive wins of his career. I was just watching his fight with darchinyan yesterday before I wrote my pre fight analysis and one thing I forgot to add to the pre fight analysis was Nonito’s devasting left hook. Nonito shock the world when he knocked out Darchinyan with a short left hook and I knew coming into this fight that was going to be a weapon that Nonito could use to pull it off. I just didn’t expect it was going to end this quick. Part of me, really wanted this fight to go longer cuz I had a feeling it was going to live up to its expectation and possibly pave the way for a Trilogy. Now, with this devastating knock out, I don’t know if a rematch is planned. I’m guessing if it is, we might see it in the 122 division and maybe sometime next year or so. I had mentioned that this fight was going to be like a Chess Match and whoever gets Checkmate was going to lose. Montiel got Checkmate quick. No boxing fan expected this fight to end this quick. I had a feeling that someone was going to get knocked out but I am almost certain that no one was expecting this fight to end in the 2nd round.

So what is next for Nonito? He can go up in weight and challenge some big fighters or he can stay and try to dominate the division. Nonito wants to clean the Bantamweight division before he goes up. He is looking at the winner between Agbeko vs Mares. I think a Nonito vs Mares might make an interesting fight but at this point, Nonito is just too good and too fast against any of  his opponents and I don’t see him slowing down. A fight that would be very interesting and maybe in less than 3 years would be a fight between Nonito and Gamboa. If they ever make that fight, that is going to be one amazing fight.

Donaire demonstrated that he is an upcoming boxing superstar. Right  now I don’t see anyone in the Bantamweight division that will give Donaire competition. Congratulations goes to Nonito Donaire for making a statement to the world and becoming the new WBC/WBO Bantamweight Champion.
See the knock out for yourself. This is the same hook that knocked out Darchinyan.

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