Tenants Gather for Public Housing Convention

This past Saturday  I had the opportunity to participate in the 1st city wide tenants convention on public housing. Residents from various public housing projects gathered in Venice to talk about ways to preserve public housing and come up with an agenda to move forward.

Tenants talked about being harrassed by officials at Housing Authority for the City of L.A. (HACLA). Tenants talked about being charged $500 to fix a boiler, $30 to fix the smoke detector, being charged late fees when the money orders were postmarked a week before the rent was due and because it got to HACLA late they had to pay the late fee…HACLA officials on purpose painted the sidewalks red so that tenants wouldn’t park in those designated areas then getting tickets from the parking attendant officer. Even the parking attendant officer would tell the tenants that HACLA cannot paint the sidewalks whenever they want too. One week they are painted, the following week they are painted back to normal.

There was so much information at the convention that I will say this. The tenants and their supporters are ready to take on HACLA and their slumlord practices. They have to be ready for what is coming at them because when HACLA officials get exposed, it ain’t going to be pretty.

We continue to move forward with the people’s agenda and will continue to struggle to preserve public housing.

Here is a great visual image of the event courtesy of L.A. Community Action Network (CAN). Check out this link to see pictures of the public housing tenants convention.

To be updated on the amazing work that LA CAN does, please visit their blog at http://cangress.wordpress.com

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