Revolutionary Turned Dictator Thug

 (John Moore/Getty Images)

Muammar Gaddafi was once a revolutionary who ousted King Idris in a coup on September 1, 1969. Gaddafi has been an outspoken critic of U.S. imperialism and imposed an Islamic Socialism in Lybia. Gaddafi has tried to be the vanguard of the Pan-Arabism. He has tried to portray himself as the leader of Arab nationalism and even went as far as forming a “Jamahiriya” (government by the masses) government. Ideally, it sought to make Libya be governed by the people via direct democracy. The idea sounds great but the world is now seeing that there is no such jamahiriya government as Gaddafi has turn Libya into a dictatorship regime. Gaddafi went as far as creating his own Green Book where he elaborates his political views on what an Islamic-Socialist State should look like. 

What we are seeing in Libya right now is people tired of the Gaddafi regime after over 40 years of power. Gaddafi is trying to cling to the little power that he has. The imperialism that he so much criticized is the same autocratic system that he has imposed in Lybia.

Gaddafi has transformed himself from a former revolutionary to a current dictator thug. All that talk about “Socialism” and “Jamahiriya” is now a bunch of nonsense. It is people like Gaddafi that makes people fear Socialism. Gaddafi is the worst presentation of “Socialism.” In fact, in my eyes, he is just another individual who has hi jacked the word of “Socialism” and “Pan-Arabism” and has given it a bad connotation. 

A so called Revolutionary would never hire mercenaries and turned them against his own people. A so called Nationalist would not order the army against his own people and fire live ammunition on protesters. In a true Jamahiriya government, Gaddafi would have listen to the masses and stepped down. After all, isn’t that what “jamahiriya” is; a government by the masses. Gaddafi is just one dictator thug who thinks that he can repress the movement that is sweeping Lybia. This is another narcissistic dictator who rather have a civil war break out before he is forced to step down. And by the looks, he is willing to use “all means necessary” to maintain his power, going as far as possibly ordering the military to fire at the protesters.

My support goes out to all the youth in Libya who are demonstrating against this thug. It is no coincidence that the U.S. and some European countries are taking advantage of the Libya uprising so that they can get their hands on Libya’s oil. America has alread imposed sanctions on Lybia. It is interesting that the U.S. has not imposed sanctions on the other countries such as Yemen, Jordan or Bahrain. Why didn’t the U.S. imposed sanctions on Mubarak during the Egyptian Revolution? The U.S. media has not even paid attention to what is going on in Bahrain, Yemen and other countries. They are trying to milk on what is going on in Libya. NATO is even contemplating on possibly having military intervention. It is important that America and European countries not try to take advantage of what is going on in Libya. Any form of intervention will only add to the animosity that people have against America and their imperialist policies. Lybia, Yemen, Bahrain, Iran, Morrocco, Cameroon and Algeria to name a few, are countries that are inspiring the world right now. May their struggle continue to inspire us.

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