God’s Smile and Andrew Zimmern Teams Up with 100k Homes Campaign

Many people know Andrew Zimmern as the host of the Bizarre Foods, but at one point he was homeless. That is why on today’s segment of Bizarre Foods, he goes to San Francisco and shows the REAL San Pancho. It is in this segment where one will see him feed the homeless along with members of Food Not Bombs and other volunteers.

Today’s segment is also special because for every viewer that tunes in, a donation will be made to the 100,000 homes campaign, which aims to house 100,000 of the most chronically homeless by July, 2013.

Check out the interview below where Andrew talks about his homeless experience and about today’s program. One thing that he mentions in the interview that I have been telling people is that homeless people need to be treated with respect. In my interactions with homeless people and with anyone for that matter, I focus on R.A.D., which is Respect And Dignity. As long as we treat people with Respect and recognize their Dignity, we are moving forward to creating a more compassionate society. Here is the interview. Check it out.

Here is a short segment on today’s show. I hope people will be inspired and join our cause to end homelessness in the U.S. The best way to learn about homelessness is by having conversations with the people in the streets and listening to their stories.

Finally, here is a poem I wrote 10 years ago. Hope you enjoy it.

God’s Smile

You see them everywhere you go.
They are in your cities, towns, neighborhoods, and
you can’t seem to realize them.
     You walk by homeless people
     and you ignore them.
They get close to you and you’re already shaking.
Why is that?
     Is it because they are different than you?
     Is it because of the way they are dress?
You should look inside of them before you judge them.
You should take the time to chat with them, and
then based your judgments from your conversation.
     Have you ever wonder,
     how much you can learn from homeless people?
     Have you ever wonder,
     if at one point in their lives, they were better than you were?
People from all over come to live this lifestyle.
Some are well educated and with their degrees they prove it.
But you wouldn’t know this because
you are too busy seeing the outside.
     Let me take you to another plain of thought.
Have you ever wonder why homeless people
have so much faith in God?
Why they continue to have faith
despite the obstacles and the struggles

that they go through?
     Why some are full of joy and spirit,
     while most of us stress about the small things
     and their life is far worse than ours?
Something to think about.
     Think about this.
Have you ever seen God smile?
How many pictures have you seen
when He is smiling?
     As far as I’m concern, none.
     Now wouldn’t it be nice to see His smile?
     Wouldn’t it be nice to see if God has dimples?
You have been given the opportunity
to see His smile.
In fact, you see it every time homeless people smile at you,
but you have been blind to see it.
     Why do you think Mother Teresa
     dedicated her life to help the poorest of the poor?
Mother Teresa knew she was seeing
God’s smile when they would smile at her.
Next time you come across homeless people,
realize the smile that they carry.
It’s not any other ordinary smile.
It’s God’s smile.

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