Me Facing LIFE: Cyntoia Brown Story


A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending a special screening of Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story with filmmaker Daniel Birman in attendance and engaging in a Q&A session. The documentary is about Cyntoia Brown, a 16 year old young adolescent who shot and killed a 43 year old white man who had picked her up to have sex with. Cyntoia was tried as an adult and has been serving a life in prison sentence.


The documentary looks into Cyntoia’s upbringing and into her family’s past where one can see the cycle of violence moving from Cyntoia’s grandmother to her mother and now unto her. Daniel Birman is with Cyntoia for 6 years and chronicles every step as viewers get to learn more about this bright 16 year old girl.


I highly encourage people to see this powerful documentary. For those of us who work with youth especially those of us who have clients in the juvenile justice system, this is a very troubling documentary. This documentary to me demonstrates the importance of a juvenile justice reform. At the Q & A, Daniel Birman talked about how a racist juvenile system we have in tact. And what happens when people have money and can pay out an attorney. I talked to him after the Q&A and I asked him if the psych. evaluation was ever presented by Cyntoia’s attorney and he stated that they didn’t. I was very troubled to hear that Cyntoia’s attorney would not have used the psych. evaluation given everything that Cyntoia has been through. I was happy to hear that Cyntoia is appealing the decision stating that her attorney didn’t fully represented her and is thinking of including the psych. evaluation in her appeal. I will be getting in touch with Cyntoia soon and hope in future blogs I can share some updates on her.


Here is a link where you can check what channel and what time will the documentary will be shown tonight in your area.


Here are some of the clips of today’s documentary. For those who are able to see it, let me know your thoughts on the film. This is the type of film where I would love to engage in a great discussion.


8 Responses to “Me Facing LIFE: Cyntoia Brown Story”

  1. Diocelyn Says:

    You said you would be contacting Cyntoia soon. How?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I have her address. Stay tune to my blog as I hope to be updating people on how she is doing. Hope you were able to see the amazing documentary.

  3. Khalif Ali Says:

    Absolutely heartbreaking…sometimes we get so focused on the major issues of the world (i.e. the budget, healthcare, middle east uprisings) that we tend to forget about the personal stories of others. These are the stories that shape the world…we need to play closer attention. Thank you for reminding us (me).

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Khalif, thanks for your comment. I agree with you. It is the personal stories of others that shape the world and eventually it is stories of others and ourselves that will change the world.

  5. A Says:

    what happened to her now? Is she still serving a life setance?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    She is still serving her time.

  7. A Says:

    can she not appeal?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Yes..she can and the latest that I know is she did…I haven’t heard any latest info on her appeal, but when I do, I will make sure to post a blog updating you and others.

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