Mons. Oscar Romero homily on March 2, 1980

Excerpts taken from Oscar Romero: The Violence of Love, compiled and translated by James R. Brockman, S.J. pages 198-200.

March 2, 1980

The church in Latin America
    has much to say about humanity.
It looks at the sad picture
    portrayed by the Puebla conference:
faces of landless peasants
    mistreated and killed by the forces of power,
faces of laborers arbitrarily dismissed
    and without a living wage for their families,
faces of the elderly,
faces of outcasts,
faces of slum dwellers,
faces of poor children who from infancy
    beging to feel the cruel sting of social injustice.
For them, it seems, there is no future-
    no school, no high school, no university.
By what right have we cataloged persons
    as first-class persons or second-class persons?
In the theology of human nature there is only one class:
children of God.

Let us not think that our dead
    have gone away from us.
Their heaven, their eternal reward,
    makes them perfect in love;
they keep on loving the same causes
    for which they died.
Thus, in El Salvador the force of liberation
    involves not only those who remain alive,
but also all those whom others have tried to kill
    and who are more present than before
in the people’s movement.

The great need today
    is for Christians who are active and critical,
who don’t accept situations without analyzing them
    inwardly and deeply.
We no longer want masses of people
    like those who have been trifled with for so long.
We want persons like fruitful fig trees,
    who can say yes to justice and no to injustice
and can make use of the precious gift of life,
    regardless of the circumstances.

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