Safe Ground: A Homeless Community

Safe Ground is the homeless movement in Sacramento. Members of Safe Ground have been staying near the American River for quite some time. They camp in tents and have a sense of community that homeless people don’t get when they are in homeless shelters. Safe Ground is the family that homeless people have created for themselves. It’s the family that some of the members never had. Safe Ground is a homeless movement that should be emulated in other cities throught the U.S.

Here is further information on Safe Ground, taken from their website. Safe Ground is:
  • A secure location, sanctioned by the city & operated by the residents
  • A place with clean water, toilets, and garbage collection
  • A place where residents can be free from harassment and danger
  • A place where homeless people can access services they need to turn their lives around

Every day, more than 1,200 homeless men, women, and children are struggling to make it on Sacramento County’s streets. Homelessness is not a new problem. But a bad economy means more people on the streets, and fewer government dollars to help them.

Making it a crime to be homeless means even fewer can work their way out. The City’s “camping ordinance” makes it illegal for anyone to use or store camping paraphernalia on public property. It makes being homeless a crime.The constant threat of arrest, the lack of sleep and of sanitary conditions, exacerbates any mental or physical impairment that may have contributed to their homelessness in the first place. And the lack of “safe ground” – where homeless people can stay, leave their belongings and be more accessible to service providers, lessens the chance they will be able to work their way out of homelessness.  

Here is an article in today’s Sacramento Bee. Check out the video as well.

Here is the Mayor of Sacramento spending time with members from Safe Ground. A lot of people know the mayor as the former NBA star, Kevin Johnson (KJ). The mayor up to this date has kept his word and is helping Safe Ground find a place for the members to have a permanent facility.

For more info. on Safe Ground go to:

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