Canelo Dominates Hatton to win Vacant 154 WBC Belt

Saúl Canelo Alvarez al conquistar el título Superwelter del CMB.
Courtesy of MexSports

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez became the youngest boxer in history to win the 154 WBC Title when he dominated Matthew “Magic” Hatton in a lopsided 12 round fight. The Judges and myself had the fight 119-108 for Canelo. I don’t think there is anyone out there who would dispute those scores.

From the opening round, Canelo appeared to be the stronger and bigger fighter. His body shots, combinations and his left hook were too much for Hatton. By the 2nd round, I thought that the fight was not going to last past the 7th round. I felt the pace of the fight was going to be too much for Hatton. He was being hit with hard left body shots and the times that Hatton tried to land his jab didn’t even seem to sting Canelo.

On the 7th round, when Canelo was cruising with a shut out, Canelo was taken a point off when he threw a right jab at Hatton’s chin dropping him down. The punch was thrown after the judge had called time out but Canelo was just reacting to the punch that Hatton had landed on him after both fighters were trying to separate from each other.

Canelo does know how to please the crowd. The estimated 10,000 fans at the Honda Center were going nuts for Canelo. There were times in the 9th and 10th round that it appear that Canelo was trying to knock out Hatton. He kept his patience and kept working his combinations and his powerful left hooks. The last two rounds were the same to me and to be quite honest became quite boring given that the fight was such a lopsided win. I give credit to Hatton who was fighting in a division that he doesn’t belong and was fighting a younger and stronger fighter in Canelo. Matthew Hatton has a lot of heart to take the beating that he did. He gained fans simply for his courage and his ability to withstand all that punishment.

There is no argument that Canelo has talent. He has the tools to be Mexico’s next rising star. I’m happy that he won and did it in a very convincing way. I would have rather have him win the belt in a legitimate way by fighting a top 10 fighter. But, now that Canelo is the WBC Junior Middleweight Champion, there is no downhill from here on. He is going to have to start fighting the best fighters in the division. No more catch weight fights. No more tune ups. No more coming over the contracted weight. He is now a champion and he is going to start demonstrating to his critics that he is the real deal. In order for him to get the respect that he deserves, he has to make a successful defense of his belt. I would love to see him fight Alfredo “Perro” Angulo. That fight would be a great fight in Mexico. Perro Angulo can’t fight in the U.S. due to his VISA issues so it only makes sense that the fight be stage in Mexico. If Canelo fights Angulo, this has the potential to be a fight of the year candidate. I would love to see this fight sometime this year.

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