International Women’s Day

Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the womyn a HAPPY WOMYNS’ DAY. May this day be filled with joy, laughter and lots of love.

There will be several events throughout the world conmemorating this special day. There will be events praising women for their role in education, business, science, etc. But, Women are not define by how they are celebrated on March 8th but how they are treated on March 9th. What good is it for a women to receive flowers on March 8th and the next day she is being physically and/or emotionally abuse by her partner. To truly honor and celebrate women, our society needs to show it in the way how women are treated and are paid. Women still get paid less than men. In an article by Judith Aquino and Gus Lubin in the Business Insider, they mention that women who graduate with an Associates Degree get paid about a little over $10,000 less than men without a degree. While the gender gap may be narrowing, as a society we still have a long ways to go to bridge the economic gap amongst men and women.

As uprisings are happening around the world, let us be mindful of the role that women are playing in those parts of the world. Some of them are in the frontlines. Some of them can’t even go out for fear of being abused. Some simply by protesting are making a powerful statement.

Let us also keep in mind the Women of Juarez and call for an end to the feminicide in the City of Juarez. Let us bring attention to struggles that the women in Sudan and other war torn countries are going through. Let us ensure that women and their children have access to clean water, food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education. Let us stand in solidarity with the women of the world and their struggle for human and civil rights.

I also think that we as men must go beyond just “recognizing” women’s rights but actually demonstrating it in our own lives. It is not simply enough to say that one is against violence on women when one is actually doing it behind closed doors. How hypocrites must some guys be advocating for women out on the streets and then they are the same fools hitting their girlfriends or wives? It is better to be honest and recognize that one may have an anger management issue or a power control issue and seek help to strengthen ones’ relationship rather than trying to be stubborn and not acknowledging ones’ issue. And women, if you find yourself in a very unhealthy relationship, please seek assistance. Through my work, I have seen and heard so many stories where women feel they can change their boyfriend/husband only to see situations get worst.

And finally, let us recognize that Womyn have always been the trailblazers in our quest for peace, justice and equality but at the same time they have been marginalized, excluded and silenced in many other ways. Let us continue planting seeds of compassion, understanding, respect, peace, joy, and love, so that the fruits that will flourish will give birth to a better world for all of us to live in. 


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