The Badger Revolution

(Mark Hirsch/Getty Images)

Wisconsin has been the epicenter of America’s workers rights to collective bargaining for about a month now. Wisconsinites have inspired Americans from all walks of life. They took over the State Capitol and occupied it. Despite all their efforts and State Democrats fleeing Wisconsin to avoid the Senate Republicans from passing the vote, tonight all 18 Senate GOP members went ahead and passed the anti-union bill. This is not about balancing the budget. This is about moving forward an ultra conservative agenda. This is a blow to all the workers in Wisconsin. Tonight, what we just witnessed was Republicans basically telling workers: F**k your collective bargaining!!!

This might be just what Wisconsinites need it to take the Wisconsin Intifada to another level. Every uprising has it moment where ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Tonight might be just that moment. Americans cannot allow Governor Walker and his gang from staging a coup d’etat on the rights of Wisconsinites. The GOP is already orchestrating coups in Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio and Indiana. If Tunisia had their Jasmine Revolution and Egypt had their Egyptian Revolution, then Wisconsin is about to have its Badger Revolution. So for those who tweet, be ready to start tweeting #Mar9 and #Wis since this will start to symbolize the day that Wisconsin’s Intifada was heard throughout the United States. Now, more than never, Wisconsin’s State Capitol will be turned into America’s Tahrir Square.

There is no way that people are just going to allow 18 knuckle heads from stripping workers collective bargaining. A mass non violent movement is creeping up and civil disobedience will be sweeping Wisconsin shortly. The battle has already been staged but the war is about to begin. On one side you have a small army made up of hard core neo conservatives and their allies while on the other side you have an infantry made up of millions of soul-diers ready to go to war to defend the workers of America.

This Badger Revolution is a battle cry for all of America. Just like Tunisia and Egypt sparked the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, Wisconsin is ready to lead by example. This Revolution won’t be broadcast on FOX News but IT WILL BE TELEVISED.

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