Ray Polk: A Revolutionary Homeless Person

(Tomas Ovalle)
A puppy sniffs a plastic flower at one of the 77 markers Polk has made and installed as part of his memorial to the deceased homeless. He says he heard that homeless people are often cremated and their ashes thrown into a common grave. "They're invisible in life, and then when they die it's like they never existed. There's nowhere for a person to go and say, 'I knew them. They were my friend.' "
(Tomas Ovalle)

Polk spelled out the name of his compound with white cups on a chain link fence.
(Tomas Ovalle)

Ray Polk is a 58 year old homeless person from Fresno who has revolutionize how people view the homeless people. He continues to dedicate his life to help his brothers and sisters who are on the streets by providing them with food, services and listening to what they have to share. Mr. Polk is an example of Jesus being in disguise to walk with the most marginalize. That is the hidden message that has not been televised. In Mr. Polk’s life we see the compassion that we need to not only interact and assist the homeless but the compassion to start transforming this world. He demonstrates his need to recognize people’s dignity by making a homeless memorial for all the homeless people that have passed away. Mr. Polk recognizes the need to be remember as a person rather than becoming unknown to the general public. Ray, states, “They’re invisible in life, and they when they die it’s like they never existed. There’s nowhere for a person to go and say, ‘I knew them. They were my friend.'”

Here is a quick poem I wrote in honor of Ray Polk after reading the article of the amazing work he is doing in Fresno.

Jesus In Disguise

I just read about a man
by the name of Ray,
who continues to be Homeless
to help the Homeless
just the same way
St. Peter Claver
became a slave to
accompany the slaves.

Ray, with a heart full of compassion
understands people’s pain and sorrow
dedicating himself to feed the hungry
so that they can wake up for a better tomorrow.

Mr. Polk makes the unknown, known
calls them by name so that their dignity
is restored and with his vocation
he keeps strengthening his Homeless Ministry.

Thank You, Mr. Ray
for continuing to inspire me
on a journey that seeks to transform this calamity
into a seed that will give fruits
 to a world without people sleeping in the streets.

Here is the article that talks about Ray Polk’s beautiful and inspiring work.
Check out these great pics

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