Some Thoughts on Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami

I have been following the news on Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami. It is clearly a tragedy. The nuclear crisis has not only Japanese people but the whole world concerned. That is some heavy burden on any country and worse to deal with it under the current situation that Japan finds itself.

Now, there are organizations out there who wait for such a catastrophe to happen to become the Donation Vanguards and try to hog all the donations in the name of “relief efforts,” “helping victims” and what not. While organizations like the Red Cross use their PR and Facebook and Twitter to reach out to new donors and making people feel guilty if they don’t donate, there are other organizations like Doctors Without Borders who are not opportunistic when it comes to responding to Emergency Crisis.

We saw that in Haiti, millions of dollars were raised and most of the money didn’t go to the people in need. Many Haitians were upset at how much money the Red Cross and other orgs were able to raised and people were still hungry and sleeping out in the cold.

Where is the Red Cross when it comes to the millions of people who are homeless in America? Where is the Red Cross when it comes to the millions of children who go hungry in America every single day? It is not just about responding to the crisis abroad but how does one respond to the crisis here in America. I think homelessness in America is an Emergency Crisis? Yet, I don’t see the Red Cross or any other “disaster relief org” responding to this crisis. I don’t see the Red Cross trying to raise money for homelessness and other social issues that are of great concern. In catastrophes like Japan and Haiti, millions of people were left homeless and without any food. It is important to tend to those people affected by such a disaster but we also have to tend to people who have been affected by another disaster–Capitalism. 

If people are going to donate, make sure you know where your money is going. Try to find local non profits’ or collectives who are doing great work in Japan to assist them. Others may simply find it better to just support Doctors Without Borders. I think it is important that we are having conversations about what is going on in Japan with our family, friends, co-workers, etc and listen to other people’s point of view in regards to the nuclear crisis, the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. 

What are your thoughts on what is going on in Japan? 

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