Welcome Home, President Aristide

President Aristide returned home to Haiti after 7 years of exile. He returned home to a warm welcome. President Obama tried to prevent his returned by personally calling President Zuma from South Africa and trying to persuade President Zuma from allowing Aristide to returned to Haiti. This should not surprised us since we all know that President Obama represents the status quo. Given Sunday’s U.S. imposed elections, Obama was trying everything to prevent Aristide from “interfering” in the elections. Let us be clear. Whoever wins Sunday’s election will become a U.S. puppet.

Here is the latest on Aristide’s return.

Here is a post I wrote on Aristide back in February to give people a background on Aristide and his kidnapping by U.S. Marines.

VIV ARISTIDE GOUV??NEMAN (Long Live the Aristide Government)
ABA OKIPASYON (Down with the Occupation)

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