Downtown Women’s Action Coalition Variety Show

For those in the Los Angeles area, I hope you can join me in participating in the 3rd annual Downtown Women’s Action Coalition (DWAC) Variety Show happening Thursday, March 24th and Friday, March 25th. Come and support the women of Downtown Los Angeles but expect to be blown away by their amazing gifts and talents.

2 Responses to “Downtown Women’s Action Coalition Variety Show”

  1. Mayra-Sofia Says:

    It would be great to connect with these kinds of spaces. I am orginally from L.A. and I have not been back to those strees in four years. I am also an active creator of reaching out to Document and hear out ours sisters through a project called Mujeres Con Vos where we have interviewed many mujeres along a road trip we took from Colombia to Argentina. We are currently in Mexico.Props to supporting spaces that want to created societies where recognition for the strenghts and effors of the female energy and herstories can teach us the wisdom to plant those seeds that will change the world. Peace y solidaridad-Mayra-Sofia y Carolina Bliman

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I would love to know more about your project–Mujeres Con Vos. Sounds like an amazing project. The DWAC event was amazing. There was great acting, amazing poetry and beautiful songs.

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