Jaime Escalante…Presente!!!

A year ago today, Jaime Escalante passed away. The way he passed away demonstrated how messed up our health care system in America is. Escalante is one of millions of victims who have had their lives cut short due to a very tragic health care system.

I don’t know anyone who was not inspired by Stand and Deliver. He introduced the world to the word, GANAS. It is through GANAS that we need to continue teaching our young, whether in the classrooms or outside. We need to carry the seed that Escalante left in us and apply his philosophy not only to the young ones but to those we encounter on a daily basis, whether its the homeless laying down on the street, our elders, or just our family members. The beauty of GANAS is that when we fully let the word take over us, we see ripples of joy, compassion, empathy, respect and understanding surrounding our inner circles but also our greater community. Let us be driven by GANAS to make this world a better place.

Here is a great article that was written couple of weeks before his death.


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