The Rematch: Ivan Calderon vs Giovani Segura Pre Fight Analysis

Joel Colon/PRBBP

Joel Colon/PRBBP

Tomorrow is the highly anticipated rematch between Puerto Rico’s Ivan Calderon (34-1-1, 6KOs) and Mexico’s Giovani Segura (26-1-1, 22KOs). Ivan “Iron Boy” Calderon weighed in at 107 lbs and Giovani “Aztec Warrior” Segura weighed in at 108 lbs.

Last August, Segura traveled to Puerto Rico to face the undisputed WBO Junior Flyweight Champion, Ivan Calderon, who had not lost in his professional career. After putting on a beautiful display of boxing and aggressive attack, the Aztec Warrior forced the Iron Boy to take a knee and not only gave Calderon his first professional loss but took his belt away from him as well.

This time, the fight is in Mexico and when they meet tomorrow in Mexicali, it should be one amazing fight. For Ivan Calderon, he states that he is more prepared to handle Segura’s aggressive style so he is going to rely on his experience and his boxing ability. I expect Calderon to hit and run and move around trying to avoid Segura’s punches. Calderon is coming into the fight and will try to make it a Chess match. He knows that he can’t stand toe to toe with Segura. If he does, this fight will end in less than 8 rounds.

Giovani Segura knows one way how to fight and this going forward and throwing punches. For some, tomorrow’s fight is like Round 9. He is not going to change a lot from his last fight. What we may see is Segura throwing more combinations and trying to land more body punches. One thing about Segura’s fights is that they are never boring fights. He is a true Aztec Warrior.

Another thing worth pondering is endurance and conditioning. Is Ivan Calderon more conditioned than last year? Can he keep to Segura’s pressure? Is it effective for Calderon to fight while back peddaling? Will Segura work the body from the opening round? Is Segura willing to take 3 punches to land 1? Will the fight last more than 8 rounds? Will the fight have the same results as the first one? The only way to find out is for us to tuned in tomorrow. I think Giovani Segura is too much for Ivan Calderon. I have Segura knocking out Calderon between the 6-8 rounds. If Segura doesn’t knock him out in the middle rounds, he will connect in the later rounds. This fight is not going past the 10th round.

Here is the first fight for those who missed it. Mexican announcers are too passionate about Boxing.

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