Dodger Fan Condemns Giants Fan Beating

As a die hard Dodgers fan, I wholeheartedly condemn the beating of a Giants fan at the hands of so called Dodger fans. For those who are not familiar about what happened, after the Dodgers defeated the Giants, 2-1 on March 31st, a couple of Dodger fans were taunting couple of Giants fans. The Dodger fans took it a step further by hitting one of the Giants fans in the back of his head which knocked him down. Once down, 2 thugs started kicking and beating up the Giants fans. His friend tried to intervened and they also got beat up. At the present moment, the Giants fan is in coma trying to recover from brain injury. There has been a reward of $50,000 leading to the arrest of these two thugs.

This behavior pisses me off. I understand the rivalry between the two teams. I bleed Dodger Blue. No Dodger fan in their right mind would applaud a “fellow Dodger fan” beating up a Giant Fan. I have love to my friends who are Giants fans. I even had a Giants fan as my roommate during my freshman year. We couldn’t believe it. But we had a good time. On his side, black and orange. On my side, Dodger blue. When the Giants would beat the Dodgers, my roomate would tell me what was the score of the game. When the Dodgers would win the game, I would just give him a look and smile. That said it all. I can joke around and call them the San Francisco Midgets and my friends would respond by saying the L.A. Doggers. We say it with no bad intentions. It is just a way for us to enjoy the great rivalry. I been to games at Dodger Stadium and when the Dodgers were winning, I would run down the aisle where there are Giant fans and just look at them and point my fingers at them and smile. The Giant fans would smile back and I would run back to my seat. That is the way, I have fun enjoying this great rivalry. I have been to Dodgers-Giants games when the Giants played at Candlestick Park and Pac Bell Park. I understand the taunting that comes with wearing Dodger blue in San Pancho. There were times when the Dodgers beat the Giants in ‘Cisco and when they lost. I have always been the type of fan that if win or lose, I keep my thoughts to just my friends.

I have also been in games where I was one of few Dodger fans surrounded by Giant fans at Pac Bell Park. I remember a game in the summer of 2001 when my friends who are Giant fans invited me to a game with one condition: don’t wear any Dodger blue. Did I listened? No. I went dressed up in all my Dodger gear. I get to the game and they are having a commercial for Dunkin Donuts. Myself and another Giant fan gets stopped. A news reporter asked us if we are willing to put each other’s hat for half a dozen Dunkin Donuts. We both say NO. We both stand our ground. I’m representing Dodgers and he is representing the Giants. The reporter increases her offer. A dozen Dunkin Donuts. We say NO. 2 dozen Dunkin Donuts. At this point, the Giants fan looks at me and tells me to do it. I tell him NO. He’s like, “c’mon man. All we have to do is put each others’ hat for a second and we get 2 DOZEN DUNKIN DONUTS!!!” I declined. The reporter asked me why I decline and I tell her my love for the Dodgers. The Giant fans goes away a bit disappointed because he didn’t get his 2 dozen Dunkin Donuts but understands my reasoning.

The game starts and I’m sitting by the left field bleachers with a sea of black and orange. The Giants take the lead and everyone is looking at me and taunting me. The Dodgers are getting beat pretty bad. I stand there and cheer only to have all the Giant fans tell me, “Dodgers Suck, Dodgers Suck, Dodgers Suck.” I take it in. It’s the 7th inning and the Dodgers are making a little comeback. I start raising my voice trying  to cheer the Dodgers on. I start to get happy when the lead is slightly trimming. Paul LoDuca hits a homerun to take the lead and I am going nuts. At this point, I have peanuts being thrown at me. I turned around and they keep throwing peanuts at me. So being the great Dodger fan that I am, I decide to play their game and as they keep throwing peanuts at me, I opened my mouth trying to catch as many peanuts as I can. This act doesn’t sit well with some Giant fans. Others were caught by surprised and can’t stand but laugh at my reaction to their taunting. The security guard then comes down and tells me to lower my voice (apparently, I was rooting for the Dodgers loud enough that I was hindering some Giant fans) or else risk the possibility of being kicked out. At this moment, my friends and couple other Giant fans tell the security guard that if I get kicked out, he has to kicked them out as well. My friends tell the security guard that I am just being a fan. The Dodgers ended winning the game, 14-8. I was happy but did I taunt my friends after the game or any other Giant fan? NO. The Dodgers won. I was happy walking around with my #42 Jackie Robinson jersey and Brooklyn hat. My presence said everything I need it to say.

The Dodgers-Giants rivalry is a great rivalry for the game of Baseball. But, when knuckleheads take it to the extreme and have someone on a coma, it gives a bad name to true Dodger fans.

As a Dodger fan, I want to apologize to all Giant fans and baseball fans in general for the disgusting behavior from so called Dodger fans. Those two knuckleheads do not represent me or the majority of die hard Dodger fans.

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One Response to “Dodger Fan Condemns Giants Fan Beating”

  1. Tessa Says:

    I’m neither fan of those baseball teams, but the matter of the fact is, people need to STOP VIOLENCE!!!! people need to GROW UP!!! Baseball is supposed to be about an American Pasttime and since those two DODGER Fans did not like that a GIANT fan was at their stadium they felt the need to almost , quite frankly, Murder him! Now the bond is up to $150,000 for those thugs you talked about and my heart goes out to the Family of Brian Stow. I can not believe that these people were able to do this and with all the people around NO ONE did anything to go after them or even try to STOP the fight!? WHat is wrong with the world today?I’m glad to read your post. Goes to show that one can be a TRUE fan of ANY team and yet SHOW NO ANGER towards another. Good Read and thank you!

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