Erik Morales vs Marcos Maidana Pre Fight Analysis

Chris Cozzone

Tonight’s fight between Erik “Terrible” Morales (51-6, 35KOs) vs Marcos “Chino” Maidana (29-2, 27KOs) for the vacant interim-WBA Junior Welterweight Title should be exciting while it last. Yesterday, both fighters weighed in at the maximum amount of 140 pounds. Although, it looked like Maidana was more in shaped than Morales.

The whole Boxing community thinks its a mismatch between Morales and Maidana. Yet, it was Morales who handpicked Maidana. We do know that Morales comes to fight. He is a crowd pleaser. But, we also know that Morales is past his prime. Morales is a living legend, no doubt about that. But, because people love Erik so much, many don’t want him to get crushed against Maidana. Morales understands that he is going up against one of the young lions in the sport. Marcos Maidana is no walk in the park. He comes to war at all his fights. Maidana once looked up to Morales but come fight time, he will have no remorse over Morales.

I think Morales will try to use his experience and try to outbox Maidana. I just don’t think Morales can stand toe to toe with Maidana. There is no way that Morales can handle Maidana at a slugfest. Although, Morales may be a better boxer than Maidana, I think eventually, Maidana’s power shots to the body and his combinations will be too much for Morales.

Another thing about this fight is the WBA’s interim title. It doesn’t make sense that the WBA is having an interim title fight when the full 140 pound champion, Amir Khan, is defending his belt next week in England. Plus, why would the WBA have an interim title fight when last year, Maidana (who was the interim champion) fought Amir Khan to decide who was the WBA champion. This is what’s bad about boxing. Trying to put fake belts to attract fans to watch the fight. Even without the belt, people would still tuned in to this fight. There is no reason to have this fight be a Championship fight other than trying to boost Morales ego in being the first Mexican boxer to win a belt in 4 divisions. It’s not going to happen.

I have Marcos Maidana winning the fight via a 6th round knock out. It may be even before the 6th round. I don’t see this fight going past the 9th round.

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