Maidana Wins But Morales Wins Respect From Boxing Fans

Chris Cozzone

Chris Cozzone

Chris Cozzone

Chris Cozzone

Chris Cozzone

What a fight. Marcos Maidana won a very close majority decision over Erik Morales in one of the most exciting fights of the year. This fight will clearly be a candidate for fight of the year. In a night that was supposed to be a total mismatch and had boxing experts predicting a quick knockout for Maidana, turned out to be one of the best fights of the year. I myself predicted the fight would not last 9 rounds. Erik Morales demonstrated why he is a boxing legend and a true Mexican Warrior.

In the first round, Maidana came out swing and taking the fight to Morales. He landed an uppercut in Morales right eye that quickly swelled his eye. At the start of the 2nd round, Morales eye was almost wide shut but Maidana kept coming.

I gave rounds 3-6 to Morales. Couple of those rounds were hard to scored. Rounds 5-6 I believed demonstrated the old Morales as he was able to trade punches with Maidana. At one point, one of Morales left hooks rocked Maidana.  Rounds 7-9, I gave them to Maidana. He just kept coming and landing blows. Round 10 was a Morales round. At this point, I sensed that Maidana was getting tired and Morales was picking it up. The fight at this point was very close. I gave the last two rounds to Maidana. He did finished strong. Had Morales won the last round, he could have taken the fight or even had a draw.I had the fight close but Maidana winning 115-113.

Morales demonstrated that he belongs in the 140division with the elite fighters. He showed us the old Morales never left but just took a 2 year sabbatical. He definately fought with dignity and lots of heart.

This is by far a fight of the year candidate. A rematch would be awesome. If Morales was able to make it close fighting with one eye, I can only imagine how close it can be with him fighting with both his eyes. Maidana needs to work on his defense. He did fought dirty but its because Maidana throws wild punches. He also needs to work on his conditioning. He looked tired towards the later rounds.

Morales may have lost the fight but he gave fans an amazing fight. He definately gained the respect from boxing fans and the entire boxing community. We learned to not under estimate Erik “El Terrible” Morales and to trust him a little bit more. May he heal from his right eye and we hope to see him back in the ring sometime in November or December.

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